1/2 goes to Georgia for one month residendy in Tbilisi to create the next issue of 1/2 Zine: "1/2#9—Georgia Now!"


The project

We are invited by GeoAIR to come for a one month residency in July 2013 in Georgia to create the next issue of 1/2. GeoAIR is an artist residency based in Tbilisi that wants to bring together artists from different cultural backgrounds. After seeing one of our 1/2 Zine in a bookshop, they thought it would be a great idea to invite us to make a special issue in Georgia. And so do we!




We created 1/2 in 2007. After we graduated from the ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres Design Academy in Paris, we moved to different cities in Europe (Amsterdam, Berlin, Rennes and Vienna). We were looking for a way to keep in touch and keep sharing our work and ideas. So we started with a blog where we would post personal work daily. Then in 2008 we published the first issue of 1/2. A paper version of what was happening online. A sort of collective diary. At that time we printed in 60 copies on a Canon inkjet at home in Paris.






Since then, we've been publishing 1/2 twice a year in a recurrent format. The principle is clear: we are four artists/graphic designers. Every issue is curated by one of us. There is no theme. The idea and at the same time the challenge is to create an original printed object from the confrontation, juxtaposition, superposition of each other's works. On paper, the images merge. And the zine becomes an artifact. It's not a showcase or a portfolio, but an editorial object which is the artwork itself. 







And now 1/2 goes to Georgia! We're going to meet new people and with them we're going to create this special issue of 1/2. It's the first time that we are going to create the zine in a context that is completely new for us. The result will be a subjective and collective travel diary across the European borders we commonly know. If you want to participate to this adventure, please help us to finance this special issue!








Why fund it?

1/2 is an independent, hand-made artzine, published in a limited edition format of 200. Since the beginning, we've kept to publishing it independently with our various printing contacts in our respective countries: the selling of the zines finances the production costs of the next issue. This time, we want to produce it entirely with local means in Tbilisi. This requires extra costs in printing. Without your support, it would not be possible to make it with a local printer.


So help us make this issue 100% made in Georgia!


Total Expenses: €6520

Airline tickets: €1496 (for all 4 of us)

Daily life expenses: €1024 (for all 4 of us)

Printing (offset local printer): €2500

Material costs: €500

Residency costs: €1000


The French Institute of Georgia will finance the cost of the residency (€1000).

We received a grant from the European Cultural Foundation that will finance the airline tickets and a part of the daily life expenses there (total: €2100).

1/2 will finance the rest of the daily life expenses, the basic production costs of the zine, printing and material costs (total: €1920). We still miss €1500 for printing and editing.

The €1500 needed will finance the extra printing and editing due to the nature of the project: A local produced project!


Thank you!!!!




Hello! We are four French graphic designers and artists: Laure Boer, Anne-Pauline Mabire, Lucie Pindat and Chloé Thomas. We studied together Graphic Design at the ENSAAMA Design Academy in Paris. Laure left for Berlin and became a partner at the Graphic Design Studio BANK™ in 2007 . Laure is also a tutor for Graphic Design at the ESAAT Design Academy... See more

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