► ❤ Project is to create a window into a way of life that is conducive to creativity, promoting exchanges between artists and visitors !


The project





LesFassiNants is a nonprofit organization that works for the development of intercultural exchange through artistic interactions. The new "artistic Resistance" project is part of this vision. The artists, each with their own technical and creative culture, are inspired by an essential desire to meet, share and interact.  They collaborate to produce common works that symbolize the possibility of listening and creating solidarity in peace.  


The idea of the project is to create a window into a way of life that is conducive to creativity, promoting exchanges between artists and visitors. Day after day, the public can watch the artists at work. When the creative act itself inspires the exchange, society pushes past its differences and endeavors to co-exist.


There are three main parts to the Resistance:


• Free Space: common facilities in the Free Space Gallery.

A discovery route through the streets of the city of Arles.

• LesNuitsFassiNants: screenings, performances, music, dance  



# 1FreeSpace Sensory installation and fun in a constantly changing space. The facility will be exclusively made of cardboard and paper, and reworked over time by the artists. A “FassiNante-ing” visual experience.




# 2 Discovery route Guided by art works set up in the streets, the curious observer can discover the "flash codes" works that lead the way to the "Resistance" through an entertaining, cultural route in the old town of Arles.  




# 3 LesNuitsFassiNants Images are projected on the walls of the Resistance, which share the work of the artists with the public. Making pictures, videos, meetings and creations by day.  As well as happenings, concerts, and surprises. Every day brings something new.  




With Creative Made in Arles, Soriana and Eve, anything is possible – yes, yes, it is possible! Customized and inspired by their passion! Goguette wants to raise awareness about innovative eco-friendly and sustainable development.   An unexpected discovery space where chance meets human will. The indefinite use of the everyday world, where anything can happen.  



The Freespace has graciously been opened for this project.

Why fund it?

Communication :

    ❯impressions d’affiches 60X90cm ❯flyers


Transport des artistes :

    ❯TGV ❯CoVoiturage ❯Avion ❯Bateau ❯Elicopter ❯Soumarin ❯Ariane 5


Fourniture art plastique

  ❯impressions sur traceur ❯colles ❯pinceaux ❯peintures ❯acrylique ❯bombes ❯tape ❯poska ❯créme solaire ❯divers...


Boissons&repas :

    ❯Pastas ❯Leguemes ❯thé ❯café ❯bare energetiques ❯




❤Ceci est la vision de l'association : ❯Du lien❯de l’amour❯de la simplicité. De la vérité dans le propos et dans l'acte. LesFassiNants est une association d'énergies visant à développer l'échange et le partage culturel entre les êtres humains, quelque soit leur culture, leur éducation, leur milieu social. Divertir, Enrichir et Eduquer. Une... See more

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❤ Un Grand MERCI a tous les BANKERS qui on soutenue le projet ! Malheureusement nous avons échouer sur la collectes, mais comme le dit Winston Churchill « Le succès c’est d’aller d’échec en échec sans perdre son enthousiasme. » Alors on y vas et on vous dit a l'année prochaine ! Suive nous ;-) www.facebook.com/LesFassiNants Salam. LesFassiNants
un petit coup de pouce symbolique pour une initiative à la fois belle et inspirée !!! Je vous souhaite de réussir cette collecte car vous le méritez et surtout plein de succès pour la suite... Merci pour l'accueil lors de ma virée arlésienne ;-) Olivier
Hey Paul, Priyanka and Ben - good luck, we wish we could be there with you in Arles. Vanessa and Vincent Xx