During two years, we followed the life of the Skydive School of Lyon Corbas.


The project



This film explains the unbelievable curse of the skydivers : the formation, the disciplines, and their life experiences.



A particular universe


Since I was young, I always loved the aerial world. Flying is an old dream of man. Then, during a walk near an airport of Lyon, I saw some fellows who jumped from a perfectly working aircraft. Why ? What did they feel ?




I wanted to describe the ambience, the life of the club, the spirit of the skydivers, in the authentic and real way. It was important for me to keep a spectator eye, without pre-made judgement, and to make the spectator feel the atmosphere that reigns in this community.


A family


My main discovery at the beginning of the shooting was the family ambience that was in place in the club. Skydivers always say that this is their second family. They are like sky brothers.


The Jump


To get involved in this universe, I had to jump. I made my AFF formation and began to jump. It was an incredible experience. Sensations are unique, wonderful, and I better understand why this sport is their « drug ».


Why fund it?

This project is set to have a duration of 50 minutes. To pay the rest of the directing (aerial filming, sound material, kersosene...), the production, the musical rights, distribution, we need an amount of 2600€. Support for local region would help soon.


Vincent Heidelberg is a young director of documentaries and extreme sports videos.

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