515 Training – 15 minutes that will change your life! Have a blast exercise, challenge your friends, win trophies and share your achievement


The project

Detailed presentation of the project


515 Training’s team is thrilled to present this new app concept for exercises and workout that changed our lives (see photos below): delivering a unique and entertaining experience, in an open community spirit, requiring no additional equipment and free!


We invested more than 2 years in the development and thousand and thousands of euros in the projet. We create 515 Training as a free app for you so please it is your turn to help up out.


515 Training is revolutionary among sport and social apps. Born out of two friends – Kevin and Fabien - desire to make regular sporting activities suitable to an active lifestyle and accessible to as many people as possible.


We created 515 Training to respond to a growing need and thus we elaborated programs inspired from our personal knowledge and experience.


515 Training will help you tone your body and lose weight thanks to effective exercises that have won one of the creator of the app 6 world Street Workout records.


515 Training will allow you to monitor your progress, win trophies and challenge your friends in order to keep you motivated and to continue to surpass yourself.










The team :


Kevin Soler :


After studying Business and travelling abroad to work for international firms, such as Google, Kevin created its first company that has become a global franchise.


Meanwhile, Kevin started practicing Street Workout. Winner of 6 world records, he sets standards in the discipline which have won him several press articles and TV appearances. Kevin is in charge of the conception and the global vision of 515 Training.






Fabien VIZZINI :


Passionate about technology, Fabien has been practicing fitness for the past 10 years. He wished to share his experience and his knowledge through his involvement in the creation of 515 Training app.


Fabien is in charge of Management.






Jordan SOLER :


With his wealth of experience in various communication agencies and in the animation industry, also graduated from a prestigious school specialized in 3D animation in Europe, Jordan is bringing his unique know-how and innovative vision regarding the technical possibilities to the company.


He is in charge of 515 Training’s 3D department.






Others : 

Now that the main team has been presented to you, remember that 515 Training is the combination of several know-how and specialist companies that help us and above all, a COMMUNITY!



See below some screenshots from the 515 Training app :








Why fund it?

What will we use the funds for?



If with your help we manage to reach our target, we would be able to:



1/ Finalize the Android version of the app in shorter time and also add additional features!

2/ Increase our communication: indeed the success of an app lies in the community! Without communication, we will not be able to build and increase our community (Social networks, Press, TV...)

3/ Acquire an extension of the server: many users are interested by our app that’s why we would like to invest in a more powerful and higher-performance server in order to shorter loading times!

4/ Develop new targeted or theme-oriented specific training programs (Christmas, Easter, etc.)



In the case we exceed our target, we already have new ideas that will offer easier use such as:


1/ Development of new products and features for 515 Training (connected wristbands and scales, FaceTime...)

2/ Incrementation of 50 new languages (app currently available in French and in English)

3/ Creation of an online store on our website allowing you to order special products

4/ Creation of a promotional campaign on NRJ and NRJ 12 (French radio and TV channel)

5/ International development thanks to a PR campaign

6/ Organisation of a national tournament that will bring together the 10 bests users of 515 Training for a real face to face challenge.


Après une formation en école de commerce et un séjour à l’étranger, où il travaille pour de grands groupes, notamment Google, Kevin crée sa première entreprise qui deviendra par la suite une franchise internationale. En parallèle, Kevin débute sa pratique du Street Workout. Détenteur de 6 records du monde, il s’impose comme une référence de la... See more

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