I am a radio artist and halfway through creating this audio work. I need help to design, produce and press the limited edition vinyl record


The project



This sound work is about rekindling lost, and perhaps forgotten, sounds. It begins with the box.


A leather box that is over eighty years old, has lived in three different countries, two different continents and contains over fifty 78 rpm recordings of classical music and opera sung by the first generation of phonograph stars.


  This box and its contents were inherited by my grandmother, who was born on a small island in British Columbia, Salt Spring Island, in 1910. 

She took the box with her when she left the island and carried it with her to her various adult homes until her death in 2000.


In September 2012 I took the box of records back to Salt Spring Island. With the help of a second sound recordist and we played the records, on a portable gramophone, in chosen places around the Gulf Islands where my grandmother and her family might have gone for picnics, played tennis or danced.


We tried to imagine sonically what life might have been like for them over 100 years ago. We  also talked to today's Salt Spring inhabitants on their reasons for being on the island.  



Why fund it?



I am in the middle of sifting through and editing the many hours of sounds recording during our trip. The final outcome will be a limited vinyl record edition and a radio programme. 


I was awarded a grant by la SCAM in Paris which covered the trip to Salt Spring,  I was generously lent recording material by the Muse en Circuit and we were sponsored by Airtransat for our flights, but I still need some more funding to complete the project.


I hope to be able to produce 200 limited edition vinyls. To give you an idea of how much that costs I have broken the budget down : Mastering, cutting and vinyl pressing (180g)  : 670 € Artwork and graphic design : 1000 € Printing and packing costs : 465 € Adminstration, delivery and postage : 300€ TOTAL : 2435 € + 8% commission from Kisskissbankbank = 195€ 2630 €  


DinahBird is a radio artist living and working in Paris. She makes radio programmes, audio publications, installations, and soundtracks.  Recent collaborations include 'Topographies Nocturnes', a radio/ performance crossover which was awarded the prestigious Prix Luc Ferrari, 'Dakar Morning Birds', a radio installation that transposed the dawn chorus of... See more

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