Cinematic thali: an informative road movie in northern india or the stake of the implantation of a road network on the local people


The project

We are three French students, knowing each other since our childhood and sharing the love of aventure and travelling. It is after a short trip in northern Indian that flourished in our mind the idea of makig a documentary displaying an original topic taking the innovating shape of a road movie.





In a globalized world we will focus on the most basic communicative instrument invented by mankind, i.e. roads. We will follow the ones build by a governemental Indian company, the Border Road Organisation, that works in the dyadic and most remote regions of India. Through a road trip of more than 6 000 miles from the Burma border to the Pakistani one, we will interest ourselves on the many problematic that such network reveals. From its strategic role in the border conflicts that oppose India to Pakistan or China to its economis implication on the population living by it, we will try to present a global vision of the multiple repercussions that such network implies. It is by rubbing shoulders with the local people that we will answer those questions. A BROAD TRIP is, firstly, a journey of sharing.


If the road movie is the core of our adventure we will also use the many modern tools that the Internet povides to tell our story. Thus, we will be present of Facebook and Twitter and will also post articles on a blog and have our own website where our project will be presented explicitly.

Why fund it?

Your participation is essential to the realisation of our project. It will be used to purchase the plane tickets to get to Delhi as well as the HD video camera, camera and microphone requiered for the documentary. In that way we will be able to present our film to specialised television channels and festivals. 


Nous sommes trois étudiants et amis de longue date, en école d'ingénieur, école de communication et Institut d'Etude Politique à Paris. Nos expériences personnelles tout autant que nos aspirations professionnelles diverses nous ont amenées à nous intéresser à un sujet large qui permettra à chacun d'utiliser et d'approfondir ses connaissances. Le... See more

Newest comments

Bon courage pour cette belle aventure, surtout riche d'expériences humaines ! Emilie (grande sœur de Julie)
J'ai donné, courage les gars !
Bonsoir, L'heure est grave, Nils van effenterre, Colin Vanlaer, Benoit Crouet, s'en vont, ils vont partir pour un voyage extraordinaire, au pays de l'Inde. Un roadtrip cadré et féerique comme ces trois petits loupios. Un ingénieur, mélé à un publicitaire ainsi qu'un documentariste, un trio de choc pour une escapade de plusieurs mois. . Un tour d'un des plus grands pays du Monde, une expérience sans lendemain pendant 8 mois. Bravo a vous et à bientot les petits gars. J'espere que ce voyage va vous eblouir et vous apporter beaucoup; Bises. Flucht flucht, A tchao.