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Addict' ink is the very first French WebTV dedicated to the Tattoo Lifestyle


Every two months I will cross France and Europe to meet those who participate into the "Tattoo Culture"... Tattoo convention, Artists, Tattooers, in concerts and around events.... Tattoo convention, Artists, Tattooers, in concerts and around events.... This adventure cannot be made without your support: Tattoos lovers, urban cultures lovers, beautiful videos lovers and the art in the rough... We shall go in search of the main actors of this ancestral practice, and we shall make you share their visions of the world of Tattoo and its evolution. We shall speak to you artists who made the recent history of the tattoo, those who studied his older history, and those who are to write a new page. We shall go to meet enthusiasts who engrave this history next to the skin, trying to become a work of full art, to mark a membership in ideals, those who carry them as stigmas of a sometimes shaken life and those who try to have the most completed ornament possible... I am myself an enthusiast of this culture which made of me what I am: the manager of The Belfort Tattoo Family and the organizer of various Tattoos conventions in France. This project means a lot to me because I wish to return to the culture Tattoo what she brought me! And to propose you a quality broadcast, I surrounded myself with a solid team of professionals and with enthusiasts to bring to this art the rank which he deserves! The tattoo is a unique lifestyle, an attitude, and its story is told you by those who make it.




Hello, I am Jean-Marc creator of the project Addict' Ink. In 2006 I organize my first Tattoo convention by succeeding the old Belfort one ! The year after I get closer from the Tattoo industry by opening “ The Belfort Tattoo Family”, a Tattoo Shop who is receiving international tattoo artists regularly to make from it a place of exchange. Not being a... See more

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Super projet et on croise les doigts pour que ça aille au bout ! Tattoo Art Forever !