Help us to finance the integration of the refugees !


The project

Hi everyone,


My name is Patrick ans my wife, Nadia, is a saleswoman. During the past weeks, we felt really concerned about the future and the destiny of the refugees from the Middle East seeking security and a bright future. This terrible images of forced migration gave us an idea we decided to realize. We met, in our city in France, lots of refugees and we took time to talk with them. Besides fundamental needs, these people need to get integrated in our societies.




In order to make this happen, my wife and I decided to provide french and IT courses voluntarily. This way, they can have the elementary tools to make their lives easier.


We solicit your generosity to help up make our project a reality and give them a better life.

We invest, from our savings, 2.350 € to buy supplies (notebooks, pens...) and to convert our garage into a classroom (blackboard, desks, chairs...). Unfortunately, we need more money to buy additional material and equipment such as computers.


Here is a sketch of our projet of rearrangement for our garage :





Thanks you to all of you for reading us. We hope we can count on you and on your donations.

Why fund it?

Here is a graph taking an inventory of all the things we have to buy and their prices :




Right now, we can provide courses to 20 people. We'd like to get 10 computers to make them learn on them. We also would like to buy the Office softwares and educational games. We also need to buy textbooks of different levels to base our courses on them.


The column with the fork and knife represents the money we need for food and beverage. We want to provide courses three mornings a week to 20 people. We also would like to have lunch with them the days of class. We made the calculation based on a month. 12 meals for 3,5 € for 20 people = 840 €.


​Thank your everyone, we hope we can count on your donations to make this happen !


Je m'appelle Patrick. Je suis sans emploi. Je mets, autant que possible, mon temps libre à disposition des autres. Je suis bénévole dans diverses associations et donne des cours du soir aux élèves de ma région.

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Belle initiative dans cette période difficile pour eux! Heureusement qu'il reste des gens bien! Merci pour eux