We need YOU to help us mix, master and promote our new album, HITZA ("word" in the Basque language). SEE VIDEO IN ENGLISH BELOW THE FRENCH VIDEO


The project





Hello ! ("Egun on" in the Basque language ).

HITZA = "word" in Basque 


HELP US mix, master and promote our new album, HITZA.


In our new album, HITZA translates the idea of voyage by delving into melodies and rythyms of the Basque provinces (banako, zortziko, fandango...) while incorporating elements of other world cultures : Morocco, the Balkans, the Middle East and Cajun Blues.


As on the previous albums, the coupling of the Hurdy-Gurdy with the alboka (Basque hornpipe) give a spicy flavor to the repertoire supported by acoustic guitar and bamboo clarinet. Percussion like Tablas, Cajon, Darbouka and Zarb are liberally used throughout the recording.   The instrumentation and the arrangements give the album an easily identifiable yet universal sound, a reflection of the lush basque culture.




Caroline Phillips - vocals & hurdy-gurdy


Born to a family of Greek, Persian and Scottish origins, she received musical training from a very young age and studied classical piano and voice. Committed to vocal study, she studied in Paris for four years, then turned to jazz and other vocal styles (East Indian and Maroccan). Throughout her years as a professional musician, she regularly performed in jazz clubs and toured with her one-woman show in the Carribean and North Africa. She began composing at an early age, in a Prince-meets-Kate-Bush-style that could be attributed to her affinity for the 70’s. She moved to the Basque Country in 1992 and after hearing Clemencic Consort, became immediately smitten with the Hurdy-Gurdy. Although she continues to play the piano, in 1998 she began to compose and interpret Bidaia’s compositions on the hurdy- gurdy. She has spoken and performed at TED Global  in Oxford and at other conferences including Thinking Digital (UK).  



Mixel Ducau - vocals, guitars, flutes, ttun-ttun, alboka ...


A native of the Basque Country (France) and founder of the very successful Basque contemporary rock group Errobi.

Both musician and artistic director, Mixel decided to study traditional Basque music on the alboka, ttun-ttun and acoustic guitar.

His musical experience is forged through collaboration with the Compagnie Bernard Lubat and Joseba Tapia (diatonic accordion). 

His talent as a powerful vocalist, a tradition in the Basque Country, only enhances his appeal as a composer and excellent musician. Mixel plays so many instruments that the phrase “what DON’T you play ?” frequently arises in conversations… Take a look at the many instruments he plays and some of his musical past.





Matthieu Haramboure - bass




Fred Faure - percussion




To listen to our music go right here or listen on SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/bidaia or check out our cheesy YouTube channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/bidaiagroup


Here's our video IPARRALDE 



See Caroline speak and perform at TED


Why fund it?

Your contributions will help us mix and master our CD and pay for CD duplication. If we're able to go to infinity and beyond our goal you'll help pay for our video ... But... if we don't reach our goal of 2500 Euros well, we don't get anything :(


Here is how the money will be used :

- 1600 € : mix from 04/25 to 05/02/2016

-   900 € : mastering from 06/01 to 06/05/2016

= 2 500 € 

The release date for our new album : June 10th 2016


and... if we go beyond 2 500 € :

- 980 € : duplication for 1000 CDs

- 500 € : duplication fees (SACEM) 

- 2 000 € : Video clip for HITZA

- 2 500 € : Organization of two concerts in Bayonne and in Donostia - San Sebastian





Hi there! We're a musical group from the Basque Country in France. We've made 3 albums together under the name Bidaia. (Bidaia = voyage in Basque). In case you're wondering... the Basque Country is the region located between France and Spain and we sing in the Basque language. We're pretty well-known in the Spanish and French world-music scene... (see... See more

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