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The project


Hoëla is more used to play in duo, trio or bands and the harp solo is something new for her – though it's almost a genre in itself.

For more than two years now, she has been working on a new program and exploring her instrument, regarding the repertoire (folk music from Brittany, Sweden, Scotland or Greece and some compositions of her own) as well as the ways of playing, the sound, the arrangements, the improvisation... and the use of her « quarter-ton » harp which allows her to play modal scales inspired by the scales of the folk singers.

Then came the need of playing this new music to an audience : since december 2013, Hoëla showed this program around 15 times in festivals, musicpubs, barns or in « concerts at home » in front of audiences of 20 to 150 people.



New step in september and august 2014 with the recording of almost 100 minutes of music, in the most acoustic and live way as possible, with the help of the sound engineer Jérôme Teurtrie.


The result will be an autoproduced double album, that is to be released in spring 2015.

On this double abum, Hoëla will also have the pleasure to present three duets with three friends and artists she has been or is currently working with : the singer Anne Auffret, the singer Eric Menneteau and the uillean pipe player Patrick Molard.


Some sound :



Some links 

Bands Hoëla play with/has been playing with :

The duo Barbedette-Quenderff

Bon Matin



Starfish harps who built Hoela's harps

Eric Legret who took those beautiful pictures during recording


Why fund it?

1000 € is only a part of the total cost of the production (around 7500 €, the musicians being working for free...), and hopefully we will collect more than 1000 € euros here : every CD that you pre-buy is a little bit less for the artist to invest !


Hoëla Barbedette grew up in the centre of Brittany (France). At the age of seven she started learning the celtic harp with Anne Auffret. Bathing in a Breton musical and cultural environment, attending a lot of week-long courses with many harpists while also learning other Breton folk wind instruments, and finally starting to play on stage for concerts or... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Pourquoi un double album ?

D'une part j'avais mis sur pied au fil de mon travail beaucoup de musique et pas envie de reporter l'enregistrement de certains morceaux : c'est aujourd'hui qu'ils ont du sens pour moi. Et puis tant qu'à mobiliser de l'énergie, du temps, de l'argent pour un disque... j'ai préféré tout regrouper plutôt qu'y revenir dans quelques mois !
Il faut envisager ces deux disques comme les deux faces d'un vinyle : cohérents, reliés, mais en même temps différents, avec chacun sa thématique propre. Il est très possible que certains auditeurs aient beaucoup plus de plaisir à écouter l'un ou l'autre - en fonction de leur univers musical habituel. Il est possible que cette préférence évolue aussi au fil du temps, que l'écoute du disque préféré amène progressivement à apprécier l'autre...

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Tu es près du but, bonne chance Hoëla! Des bises, Aurélie