Support the creation of a wine shop in an historical location! A superb selection, wine tastings, events… The place to be!


The project

First of all, sorry for my bad english.


“CAVE LA JOLIETTE” is a wine shop and a place of life which will open its doors in October 2015 in Marseille, France (beautiful city in Provence, along the Mediterranean Sea).

Only retail at the beginning, but the goal is also to open up an international merchant website. You will be able to order from any country (and state for USA) where it is allowed to ship wine. It will be very competitive if you compare wine prices in the U.S. and my French prices + shipping. And the selection is going to be huge, with a lot of allocated wines.


Before the opening, I have a substantial amount of wines and furniture to purchase with a non-stretching budget. That’s the reason why, I offer you to participate in the purchase of a bar counter and wine aging cellar up to € 2,500.



> The location: both historical and in the heart of the new Marseille City


The perfect location that I have found is part of the Mall which is going to open in the formers Docks of Marseille.


After its port history, the Docks, built in 1858, now embody the new economic heart of the city. This monument to the spectacular dimensions will host next month 80 shops (including mine) in spaces made of stone walls and brick arches!





In downtown Marseille, on the port, at foots from subway, tramway and car parks, the Docks are unavoidable.



> Project Genesis: a wine shop manager career to take advantage of


At the initiative of this project, I, Alexandre Pichon, 12 years of wine merchant, am a wine enthusiast who knows how to adapt my selection finds any context. Experiences that lead me to open my wine shop.


I maturated this concept, very simple and logic, of a wine shop and place of living “authentic”. The pleasure of finding quality wines and communicates my passion and my knowledge will be able to work in complete autonomy.





I worked hard on this project that will emerge in a few weeks.


I have also been well surrounded by appealing to the advices and services of an accountant to validate the forecast and budget, a lawyer for the lease and the legal part, an interior decorator, an architect for security files and disabled access, a constructor and his team for the amenities, an insurance broker, an audit office, the wine merchant federation, etc … but also the unwavering support of my wife “Queen of communication”, family and friends.



> Selection: small producers’ wines and “rarities” wanted wines


For exercising in multiple locations (see below biography), I know a varied range of wines and producers in France but also internationally.


In terms of selection, my goal will be twofold:

     - My "tips": I will give priority to wine producers at affordable prices

     - The "rarities" wanted: I have the chance to have access to wines that are available only in small quantities and are highly prized.  I'll make you enjoy.


                                Etageres en pierre


In addition to this main activity of wine merchant, you will also have the possibility, not to make a meal, but enjoy glasses of wines accompanied by cheese plates, charcuterie, tapenades...

The sale of spirits, delicatessen products and wine related accessories are also in place. A website "showcase" for opening in October and improvement in site e- merchant on the horizon in March 2016.  You will be able to order from any country (and state for USA) where it is allowed to ship wine. It will be very competitive if you compare wine prices in the U.S. and my French prices + shipping. And the selection is going to be huge, with a lot of allocated wines.



> The wine shop's events


Equipped with 65 m2 and terrace, "Cave La Joliette" will be part of numerous and regular events.

In a decidedly friendly atmosphere and good child, I will organize tastings themed wine tasting initiations, fun workshops, charity events, art exhibitions, concerts, etc... short, what you end up with pleasure and disconnect from the routine !





I also plan introductions to wine production and wine tourism organization stays.

Why fund it?

The collection will receive you in the best conditions, since you will permit the acquisition of a superb bar counter! It will be a little mascot of the cellar, and will be used for tastings and animations for you when you pass.




In the same idea, the aging cellar is difficult to finance without your help.

I am absolutely not opposed to collecting more than the requested €2500! On the contrary, it would be a breath of fresh air and will carry out an additional section that is close to my heart: a selection of "wines solidarity" ( ie purchased so that small producers in France or emerging wine country living from their production properly ) ! YOUR HELP WILL BE VERY PRECIOUS AND MY THANKS NEVER BIG ENOUGH ! ALEX


Alex Pichon

Après 12 ans d'expériences en tant que Caviste, toutes couronnées de succès, Alexandre ouvre SA cave à vins. Alexandre a exercé ses talents à Paris, Toulouse, puis pour 7 ans aux Etats-Unis (NY), Lyon et enfin son épanouissement dans la belle Marseille ! Passionné, professionnel du vin et de sa sélection, Alexandre est aussi doué pour transmettre son... See more

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J-3 avant kisskiss tchin tchin ! Bravo, Alec !!!
Allez La Piche ! Achete un beau bar pour recevoir les copains ! ;)
Les Docks, et dans le même temps ma cave (Cave La Joliette), ouvrent ce vendredi 9 octobre pour l'inauguration aux personnes invités et à la presse. Ouverture grand public le lendemain. Pour les Marseillais, je vous ai mis sur ma liste d'invité pour venir en avant-première et sans la foule dans le centre commercial vendredi. Donnez votre nom à l'accueil des Docks ou m'appeler. Merci à tous, Alex