ALINFINI recycles straps from the motor industry into haute-couture accessories. A young brand to discover and adore infinitely!


The project

I launched alinfini in 2012 in Morocco, where I live and work as a craft designer.

Available locally in 3 shops (in Marrakesh, Tangier and Casablanca), alinfini is now ready to cross the boundary!







alinfini proposes the essentials of urban fashion. A metropolitan personality, always elegant, whether unisex or feminine with tassels. In this first selection: “Cachotteries” for smartly dressing, “Emplettes” for shopping freely, “Scaphandre” for geeky packing…









A synthetic product, the strapping is extremely strong, machine washable, making alinfini highly durable. alinfini is also environmentally friendly: the source of material is off-cuts from new manufacture. What a stake for the designer to play the alchemist!







alinfini is hand-crafted in limited edition in Marrakesh. An ancestral know-how is employed, yet it has been adapted to these novelties. Fabrication requires both dexterity and strength, care and precision as the strapping, supple as it is before transformation, becomes resistant and sleek once layered. All products wear the label alinfini.






Photos © Alexandre Chaplier

Why fund it?

Little by little:

Filling the collect will start production. Individual dispatch will be made from France, all cost included whatever the country. Shooting for Christmas!


A little goes a long way:

The collect will build a bridge for alinfini between Morocco and Europe –and further, in terms of:

- distribution: releasing alinfini abroad for the first time thanks to this focused operation; and beyond, priming a regular distribution in stores in a large range of models and colours.

- promotion: extending the reputation of alinfini, and beyond the brand, enhancing the quality of craft and the creativity of design from Morocco.

- design: investing in design for new collections which will amaze again and again!



Sandrine Dole

French designer graduated from ENSCI-les Ateliers, specialized in handycraft in Africa since 1999, I aim at sustainable development, with "Design in situ" as a motto. Urban furniture, tableware, packaging... Ceramics, metal, rubber... There is no limitation but inspiration through discovering people and places, this time under my on brand!...

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Quelle est la dimensions des accessoires ?

Dimension des contenants (hors anses et pompons) :

Gamme "Cachotteries":
- pochette taille S : L 20 * H 13.5 cm
- sac taille M : L 30 * H 30 * P 4.5 cm
- sac taille L : L 40 * H 22.5 * P 4.5 cm

Gamme "Emplettes"
- sac taille S : L 22.5 * H 27 cm
- sac taille XL : L 31 * H 40 * P 9 cm

+ What is the size of the accessories?

Dimensions of the contenairs (excluding handles and tassels):

"Cachotteries" range:
- purse size S : L 20 * H 13.5 cm
- bag size M : L 30 * H 30 * P 4.5 cm
- bag size L : L 40 * H 22.5 * P 4.5 cm

"Emplettes" range:
- bag size S : L 22.5 * H 27 cm
- bag size XL : L 31 * H 40 * P 9 cm

Newest comments

Les premiers exemplaires sont arrivés en France pour être expédiés à domicile tandis que la commande du reste est bien avancée. Surprise ! Patience !
Voilà, j'ai préparé les paquets des exemplaires en stock et passé commande à l'atelier des modèles manquants. A suivre... Here we are: I packed the products in stock and ordered the missing ones to the workshop. To be continued...
Ouais, enfin mon cadeau... Mais je veux aussi celui à 150 et je n'ai pas eu le temps de... Vivement le prochain KissKissBankBank.... Des grosbisous Sonia