Support our project to make the tango reachable for everyone! Culture shock through dance / music for Milongas of a whole new kind.


The project




Culture shock through dance and music


Because the Argentine tango is not reserved for the elite,

Because the Argentine tango can ALSO be danced on modern music, 

Because we believe in breaking down barriers and sharing, 

Because we want to shake up ideas,

Because we are convinced of the benefits of this highly emotional dance in " taking care of yourself and take care of others "


Our wish is to make this dance reachable for everyone, by an opening our minds.


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What we want to organize


Additionally to what already exists, we wish to:


- develop the practice of a more modern tango based on:

 * modern orchestrations

* more contemporary music tango - fusion, alternative tango, tango nuevo that are not represented in traditional milongas.


- revive an authentic and deep tango that leaves out the choreography and performance concerns,


- Call out maestros who will do everything to give us the time of an evening , the soul of tango.



We would like to regularly offer this type of event by varying the locations and environments, as well as the participation of representatives of the tango, from diverse backgrounds .  


We also want to open our milongas (tango balls ) to everyone, including the ones who suffer the most in everyday life.


We want to offer introductory interventions in diverse settings (nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, prisons etc.) .


Each of our evenings will begin with a welcome drink to all of our KisskissBankers .





Who are we ?


Carte de visite


Our team is composed of :

Sylvie Silvestrin,

Irina Revkoutz,

Christian Arnaud.


To get to know more about our project, take a look at our website or contact us directly at :


SL Développement offers meetings and events, with different themes, focusing on personal development.


Our association has already organized several events around the tango ( available on our website ) with the intervention of a virtuoso pianist , for two of them .











We also have a facebook and an instagram account ! So that you can follow our progression at anytime !







You want to support our project? Well you know what you have left to do ! We thank you from the bottom of our heart for this.



Why fund it?

Thanks to your generosity , we could make this happen , we could launch into this beautiful adventure. We will have the opportunity to organize THREE nights of " ALTERNATIV ' MILONGA " to impress you and make you discover the magic of tango.





- September 24th 2016


- December 03rd 2016


- February 25th 2017



The money collected will cover the whole organization of the Milongas :


   - the opening with a friendly drink to thank all of our donnators


   - the open buffet


   - the work of the different social actors


   - the communication to promote the first editions of ALTERNATIV ' MILONGA


   - the rooms rental


   - the  SACEM, to pay copyright


   - the sound system


    - the lighting


    - the  décoration, according to the different themes


    - the work of the photographer and the DJ


The money will also help us to get free entry tickets for the ones taken in charge by the association AILES.


If we exceed our first goal, 4000 euros, we will be able to organize more editions of ALTERNATIV' MILONGA, varying even more the themes, places and the invitations.

SLD Milonga

Development SL organizes meetings and events, with different themes, focusing on personal development.

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Heureuse initiative qui mérite d'être soutenue.
Projet culturel et Social qui va bien au de las de la simple Musique Tango et de la danse vers un enrichissement émotionnel et fédérateur.Une ouverture vers le lien social.
Félicitation pour cette ouverture... Tous mes encouragements !