anasazi is finalizing the last step of the creation of its brand new record "1000 yard stare". You can help us !!


The project

PLEASE NOTE that from this day (02/25/2014), there are no more USB KEY COLLECTOR available. Every packs that have been purchased before this date will be honored of course :-)



anasazi is a french progressive band born in 2004 in Grenoble, France.


Their mains influences are going from Porcupine Tree to Tool, Anathema and Dream Theater.


They had already released 4 albums and 3 EPs. They have just finished recording and mixing their brand new record "1000 yard stare", 13 songs for a lenght of 74 minutes.


The album is newly mastered and the band is rehearsing to present their new gig on stage.


"1000 yard stare" will be released on the 03.31.2014 in digital and CD.


First teaser of the album ::



There are different packs that you can purchase :


 - PACK 1 : digital album in your email box 15 days before its official release in march the 31th of 2014.


 - PACK 2 : PACK 1 + the CD in a standard case with a 16 pages booklet.


 - PACK 3 : PACK 2 + the tee shirt.


 - PACK 4 : PACK 2 + a COLLECTOR USB key anasazi 4 Go

   The usb key contains :

    - the making of the'album in a video film.

    - an exclusive bonus track "morning overture" long version.

    - STEMS from a song that you can remix track by track.

    - a selection of guitar solos in a close up video.

    - the bass solo of "one more time" in a close up video.

    - the guitar score of the "runaway" solo.

    - and many suprises...


 - PACK 5 : PACK 2 + the 3 previous anasazi's albums in CD :

    - "the principles of [hate]" 2006

    - "origin(s)" 2008

    - "playing ordinary people" 2011.


 - PACK 6 : the CD + a COLLECTOR USB key anasazi 4 Go + the TEE SHIRT.


 - PACK 7 : the CD + a COLLECTOR USB key anasazi 4 Go + le TEE SHIRT + the 3 previous anasazi's albums in CD.


Be aware to check the good PACK with the CORRECT SHIPPING PRICES included in the price.

There are 3 kind of shipping :

 - delivered personnaly in Grenoble France (O'CD, 5 rue de SAULT, 38000 GRENOBLE)

 - shipping in FRANCE.

 - shipping OUTSIDE FRANCE.


We hope you'll find what you need.


The long teaser with a extract of the 13 songs that made "1000 yard stare" :



Why fund it?

To finance the mastering from Olivier Valcarcel of our brand new album "1000 yard stare" made of 13 songs for a lenght of 74 mn.


To manufacture 500 CD ( 16 pages booklet in crystal clear case) artwork by Gregory Migeon.


If we reach the 1500 € needed, we will be able to promomote the album with flyers, posters, etc...


anasazi est un groupe de metal progressif pop de Grenoble né en 2004. Articulé autour du guitariste/chanteur/compositeur Mathieu Madani, Christophe Blanc-Tailleur à la basse et Jean Rosset à la batterie, et Sebastien Garsia pour les solos de guitares, ces amoureux de musique progressive et metal ont déjà publié 3 albums et 4 EP. Influencé par les... See more

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D'accord avec Vlanore, moi j'ai adoré le petit smiley à côté de mon prénom ! merci à vous pour cette chouette aventure !
Reçu hier le CD et le tee-shirt avec un petit mot me remerciant pour mon soutien. J'écoute l'album en ce moment et il est très bon. Content que la collecte ait abouti :)
Merci à vous Claudia pour vos gentils mots !