ANT’elligence is an urban walkway, built with small lighting and sounding devices.


The project

ANT’elligence is an urban walkway, built with small lighting and sounding devices. Those devices are independent and send information one another. The pathway is therefore interactive and reacts to multi senses: Noises, movements, rain and many others.. Our installation is both a technical innovation and an art piece. The innovation consists of network of nodes which transport sound and light information. These are tools to integrate in scenery and architectural installations. This innovation is a bio mimetic to ants. It is quite mindful but anyway gives the following characteristics:

- The interaction is al ways changing. Therefore renewing a constant attraction to the installation. Every visits to the creation will enable a new experience. All visitors are participating to the creative space experience.  

- No more central computers and tons of cables. Our metho dis completely distributed and are making use of optical path to communicate. There is no radio frequencies, no ugly cables, no time consuming installation and commissioning. The path is green and durable.  

- Since all devices are independent, there is no single point of failure and a very high robustness. We can conclude that you are becoming an actor and viewer of the environment.  



Our project consist of a first container, which will be our laboratory to experiment with the creation. This container will be used to show, deploy, shoot the movies and be present in Mons 2015


Why fund it?

The FIrst step is to equip a maritime container as a show case of a small street. This container will make visible the beauty and the easiness of such a system .


Make ant's

- Electronic design  : 10 000 €

- Mechanical design : 6 000  €


Software inside each ANT with rules

- Software : 30 000  €


Equip the container

- Manucafture  200 ANT's : price per piece  45  €

- Container 2 000  €

- Container refurbishing  3 000 €

J-M Creativ

think tank creativ person

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Qu'est ce qu'un protocole basé sur les fourmis?

En terme technique, il s'agit d'un réseau autonome distribué, appelé aussi réseau Gossip. C'est un réseau basé sur les données et non comme internet un réseau basé sur des adresses.
Cela permet, à l'instar des fourmis, d'avoir un réseau non configuré et extrêmement sûr.

+ Pourquoi une interactivité renouvelée?

Chaque jour, si vous voyez la même chose, votre émotion va décliner. Dans notre système, la réponse n'est pas prédictive. Ce qui rend l’interaction ludique et renouvelle l'interêt à chaque moment.

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Notre ville de Nivelles veut que nous installions un parcours. Super...!