Hello World !Thanks for helping us to produce our 2nd album, a trilogy of 3 EP that will be released throughout 2014 under the “Acids” title


The project

Wasted Town (2014)    

We need you to help us producing the new APPLAUSE album! !


Our first album, « Where It All Began » was released in 2011 under the French label 3ème bureau/Wagram.

After very good sales (more than 10.0000 pieces) and an excellent reaction of both the public and the media, we took back our freedom and started to produce a new project on our own.


A few rehearsals later, we were ready to go back to the studio to record our new compositions.

For this new step in the life of the band, we wanted to try something different and innovative. Therefore, instead of choosing the usual format, we decided to create an album in three parts that would be composed and released throughout 2014.

This is how « Acids » was born.


Acids-part 1 has launched the project. It is already available in Belgium since the 29th of March and in France since the 14th of April.

We already got a lot of coverage (Inrocks, Rolling Stone.fr) and radios such as Pure FM in Belgium, Radio Nova and Le Mouv’ in France or Couleur 3 in Switzerland are playing some of the songs of this first album.


We are asking your contribution to produce the second and third parts of « Acids » that will be released in September and December 2014, respectively.  

In return for your contribution, you will receive all kind of personalized presents that you can discover in the list. We already thank you for your interest in our project.


Don’t wait to join the APPLAUSE adventure!!!

We really need your support !!!





Why fund it?




We guess it’s perfectly clear now that APPLAUSE intends to release an album in 3 parts, a trilogy of 3 EP, in full auto production.

The group has already supported by itself the costs of the Part 1 but needs your help to produce the following two parts and make this original trilogy come true.


We are looking for a total sum of 10.000 € to finance the following steps :


- Recording of the Part 1 and Part 2 of our trilogy "Acids"


- Mix of the Part 1 and Part 2 of our trilogy "Acids"


- Mastering of the Part 1 and Part 2 of our trilogy "Acids"


- Fabrication of the Part 1 and Part 2 of our trilogy "Acids""


- Videos for the releases of the Part 1 and Part 2 of our trilogy "Acids"


- Promotion of our trilogy in Belgium (French part and Flamish part) and in France.


If your generosity goes beyond our wildest dreams, we surely will be creative enough to let you discover some more videos of the songs you will have helped us to produce !  And why not a vinyl version… who knows ?




Sorry (2014)

  Black Sand (2011)     The Lighthouse (2010)  








APPLAUSE - 2014 in a few words… APPLAUSE emerged from the encounter of Nicolas Ly, a Parisian singer and composer, with a quartet from Brussels - Manuel Roland (guitar), Jérémie Mosseray (percussion, programming), Manu Loriaux (bass), and David Picard (keyboards). After a first EP including the number “Lighthouse”, frequently played by Radio Nova,... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ je n'ai pas de carte de credit, je peux quand meme participer ?

oui bien sur !
pour cela, contactez nous sur applausemusik@gmail.com.

+ Si j'achète l'album a 20 €, quand recevrai-je les différentes parties de celui-ci ?

et bien , vous recevrez, et ce dés la fin du KKBB, la première partie par la poste. (comptez donc juillet 2014)

la deuxième partie viendra en septembre,et la troisième en décembre.
et le tout gratuitement chez vous ! ! !

la pochette du triptyque arrivera avec le premier EP (cd 4 titres).
le 2eme et le 3eme EP arriveront sans pochette,
à vous de les glisser dans la pochette reçue avec le 1er EP :)

Un livret accompagnera aussi soit le 2eme soit le 3eme EP.

La pochette du triptyque a été conçue évidemment pour recevoir tout ce petit monde :)

Newest comments

Bonjour ! Dans la FAQ vous avez dit qu'on devait recevoir courant juillet le livret avec le 1er album. Je n'ai encore rien reçu, est-il-possible d'avoir quelques nouvelles =) ?
Bravo pour l'initiative, je me réjouis d'écouter le résultat
Des concerts gravés dans ma mémoire, je suis persuadé que vous irez loin.