"Beyond the night" is a short film; it tells the story of a young man: Valentin who just finish the hight school.


The project


Beyond the night is a short film ; it tells the story of Valentin popular high school student. He is celabrating the end of the high school exams with his friends. On this evening, he is not feeling part of the party. Valentin is feeling extremely down as he often does. When going back home the next morning, he runs into Marion, a girl from his school, he had never met before…




The director's words

"I have been directing musicals with teenagers for 6 years. During all these years, I have met great young people. Some of these young people have seduced me with their sensitivity and their complexity but especially by their "joie de vivre", their nature, their energy. Those years are mixed moments of high and down phases, where everything is to be build and when dreaming is still allowed. it is the age where everything is to be built, when dreaming is still allowed, age where you still believe.


Beyond the night  is a slice of life, sixteen hours of an eighteen years old boy, who is just leaving the high school life.

The film is showing the truth as it is, in order to be naturalistic..







Trampofilms is the cooperation of two young filmmakers: Lisa Martin, and Marie Cécile Lucas. Since its creation three years ago, Trampofilms produced three short-films :


2010  > PEREMPTIO (dir : Marie Cécile Lucas)

2011  > THE GIRL WHO SWAYS (dir : Sébastien Roussel)

2012  > BEAUTIFUL MANNERS (dir : Marie Cécile Lucas)




Renaissance_logoRenaissance Eye Productions


Renaissance Eye Productions Paris produces short and feature films, documentaries, and various innovative broadcasts. The company is an artistic partnership between Marilou Signolet and Christelle Juteau based in France, and Ilay Ron and Kenny Davis in the US.


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"Beyond the night seduced us with its simplicity and its accuracy. The experience of Philippe as an actor allows us to think that he will give the film a real authenticity. Directing many plays with young comedians Philippe has showed us he knew where to find talent in these teenagers and get a rare sincerity from them." The producers.


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The Director

Philippe de Monts


First, Philippe is at first an actor. He played around forty theatre plays, which most of them achieved great success among the critics and the audience, as well as in television and movies.

Slowly he goes to theatre direction. He directed ten theatre plays during the past six years, mainly with teenagers actors. He worked with Trampofilms starring in their three films. Beyond the night is his first movie.




Why fund it?

Coproducing will allow us to complete the budget.


Trampofilms, Renaissance Eye Productions (Paris/New-York) and Sandgate productions will finance the major part of the film Beyond the night.


The money we raise will finance the transport of the film unit (24 technicians, 10 actors + extras) to the set, the setting and accessories of the film, as well as lightening equipment for the 8 days of shooting.


Transport: 62,5€/day

Costumes: 62,5€/day

Let/property : 125€/day

Lightening equipment: 125€/day


Without this part of financing, the film will not reach the artistic requirements we expect. This is why we rely on your cinematographic curiosity and on your good will to help the film being made in the best conditions possible.





Trampofilms is the cooperation of two young filmmakers: Lisa Martin, and Marie Cécile Lucas. Since its creation three years ago.

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