AromaCare your connected Health and Wellbeing companion, a new generation essential oils diffuser


The project




AromaCare is your new Natural Health & Wellbeing companion!

It accompanies you everywhere and provides you plant benefits in the most optimal way.


Wherever you are, by inserting your selected capsule, you can benefit of a 20-minute personal wellbeing session launched by your smartphone. AromaCare will diffuse for you the perfect dose of essential oils, adapted to your needs. 









Over-medication has increased worldwide. We live in societies where stress and anxiety have invaded our daily lives and where individual wellbeing has been sidelined.


Many alternatives exist allowing to reduce medication. Among them, plants have incredible properties that most people ignore.




An essential oil is the very essence of plants, obtained by distillation. Essential oils have been known since ancient times for their therapeutic benefits thanks to their active molecules. 






AromaCare allows you to improve your well-being simply and naturally. It is a diffuser that works with ready-to-use capsules. It is not a room diffuser for your home but a real health companion.





In collaboration with Rosier Davenne laboratory, we have elaborated six Health & Wellbeing synergies to help you to help you in day-to-day life. Each capsule contains un blend of organic essential oils to help you feel better when you need it the most. 







Each capsule contains 5g of beads embedded with our essential oil blends, enough for 10 20-minute sessions.

Each capsule is automatically recognized thanks to its proper RFID tag which allows the AromaCare to launch the associated diffusion program and to estimate the capsule’s lifetime.




Each capsule has an open and closed position. It should be opened when inserted in the diffuser in order to allow the air to pass through. The possibility to close the capsule allows to preserve the essential oils from passive evaporation when the capsule is not used. 


Our capsules are composed of 100% recyclable plastic and the beads are made of a recyclable polymer, often used in food packaging. We are currently working on the establishment of a collection and recycling system for the used capsules.





In addition to our 6 Health & Wellbeing blends, you will be able to use, if you wish so, the white capsule.


The white capsule is delivered as a kit allowing you to use your own blends and essential oils. The AromaCare will automatically recognize your capsule, you will then be able to name it as you wish and indicate the oils you are using. 




When the AromaCare recognizes the White Capsule, a diffusion settings screen is proposed on your smartphone, as opposed to the 6 other capsules. You will have the possibility to set your session as you wish. You can choose the duration, the intensity and the diffusion power. 




In order to validate our synergies, we work with different hospitals. Some of our synergies are successfully used in patients’ rooms and also surgery waiting rooms. We are also participating in a clinical trial in geriatrics, with our Sleep and Tonic blends. 







The user just needs to choose his capsule, insert it and launch the associated session with his smartphone by Bluetooth connection.


AromaCare functions by dry diffusion, a fan forces air through the capsule, allowing to directly diffuse toward the user’s direction. Two locations are available for two capsules in the AromaCare in order for the user to be able to program and diffuse the one he wants.


AromaCare is portable and nomad, it works with a battery which has a 10 hour-autonomy. You can take it wherever you wish and use it as you wish.








The user just needs to choose his capsule, insert it and launch the associated session with his smartphone by Bluetooth connection.


AromaCare functions by dry diffusion, a fan forces air through the capsule, allowing to directly diffuse toward the user’s direction. Two locations are available for two capsules in the AromaCare in order for the user to be able to program and diffuse the one he wants.


AromaCare is portable and nomad, it works with a battery which has a 10 hour-autonomy. You can take it wherever you wish and use it as you wish. 




With the application you may also program your sessions. You just need to choose the date, the time and the capsule. This feature will be useful for you especially for programming your Tonic session in the morning and your Sleep session during the night to avoid nighttime awakenings.


You can follow your consumption in order to visualize the improvement of your wellbeing. The benefits in the body and health are felt through repeated use. 


We also propose 3 coaching programs:

- Zen

- Boost

- Air


These coaching programs will allow you to improve your health and wellbeing thanks to our advices and expertise. They propose to realize a certain number of sessions through a period of 15 days to 1 month.

Of course, the application will be available on IOS and Android in French and English. 




You can also launch your diffusion without the application. The AromaCare has a manual mode feature, allowing it to be used just by pressing a button. You can rapidly select your capsule and launch your session in no time!


These manual sessions will be associated to your account through the application.

The manual mode allows an even faster use of the AromaCare, it can be useful for example in your work place. 





AromaCare is not a room diffuser! It is the first personal diffuser for individual wellbeing session; It accompanies you everywhere and helps you feel better throughout the day.


The principal of 20-minute aromatherapy sessions doesn’t exist, moreover we have associated a specific diffusion program to each capsule in order to optimize the session.


Whether you use the application or the manual mode, your wellbeing session will always be realized in the most optimal manner for your health as dry ventilation limits the number of volatile organic components (VOC) as opposed to the majority of room diffusers which liberate a great quantity of VOC which can lead to irritations in the long term. With the AromaCare, the VOC quantity is low, there is no odor persistence in the air after the 20-minute session.





The AromaCare idea was born in 2015, the project has gone through a lot of phases before reaching the current stage. We have presented our first prototype with the previous design in the Las Vegas CES in 2016. The feedback we obtained lead us to improve the AromaCare before beginning the production. We have We have made many improvements and completely revamped the design to present to you a brand new AromaCare.




This new design was conceived in collaboration with OVA Design agency, we have studied during several weeks, the features we wished to include in this new diffuser.


Once the 3D models were created and the functionalities decided, we went to Shenzhen to our partners in charge of developing the prototype. We chose to work with companies that have over 20 years’ experience in the field of manufacture of technological devices. We have followed all the steps from the design to the development, in partnership with the various companies and engineers. 





Today, we have our final prototype and we are ready to launch the AromaCare in the market!

We will be present in the next Las Vegas CES on January 2017!


At this moment, we are working on a partnership for distributing the AromaCare in pharmacies and we need your help in order to launch the commercialization and to bring wellbeing around the world.  







We are currently 5 persons working on the AromaCare project. We are all motivated and determined to succeed this project, we have been working over a year now to present you today your new Health & Wellbeing companion. 






Why fund it?

All your efforts, small or big, will be used to finalize our AromaCare project! This is precisely what your donations will be used for:



- 5 000 euros will be used for the regulation aspect of the proect. To allow a product to circulate freely in the market, it should be comply with European standards (CE...).


- 5 000 euros will be invested in the manufacturing of the AromaCare and capsules  packaging as well as the user guides and manuals.


- 10 000 euros will serve for the marketing campagne of the product and the preparation of the futur e-shop which will assure the secure sales of the AromaCare and the capsules.












We would like to thank the people of P Factory for their help and support!


Commercialization of the AromaCare is planned for May 2017, but before you can find it in the market, we still have several steps to go through.


Being the first around the world to receive your AromaCare, will automatically make you a member of our team and our project forever!


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If you have any questions please hesitate to contact us :




Après un diplôme d'ingénieur puis un niveau PhD à l'Institut de chimie des substances naturelles (ICSN), Laurent Moy a développé plusieurs entreprises et a travaillé plusieurs années chez les laboratoires Pierre Fabre. Laurent se concentre depuis ces dernières années sur un nouveau projet nommé AromaCare. AromaCare est un produit développé par sa... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Les huiles essentielles sont-elles 100% bio et naturelles?

Oui, nos huiles sont toutes de qualité thérapeutique et 100% bio pures et naturelles.

+ Combien de temps dure une capsule ?

Une capsule permet de profiter de 10 séances de 20 minutes. Les séances de 20 minutes sont élaborées par nos soins pour que vous puissiez bénéficier des bienfaits des huiles de manière optimale (variation d'intensité, durée, synergie et puissance).
L'AromaCare s'utilise de manière ponctuelle et personnelle.

+ Où puis-je racheter des capsules ?

Nos capsules seront disponibles sur notre site .
Nous travaillons également sur une distribution à travers le réseau de pharmacies.

+ Je n'ai pas de smartphone, puis-je néanmoins utiliser l'AromaCare ?

Oui, l'AromaCare peut également fonctionner sans smartphone. Un bouton situé sur le dessus de l'appareil permet de choisir la capsule à diffuser (celle du haut ou du bas) et de lancer la session associée à la capsule.

+ Les huiles essentielles sont-elles vraiment efficaces ?

Oui bien sûr ! Les huiles essentielles sont connues depuis la nuit des temps. Elles sont un excellent moyen non médicamenteux d'améliorer sa santé et son bien-être. Chaque plante possède des molécules bien spécifiques qui agissent sur le corps. L'utilisation des huiles essentielles est une vraie science et nécessite des connaissances.
De plus nos synergies sont testées avec succès par différents médecins et équipes médicales.

+ Quelle superficie peut couvrir l'AromaCare lorsqu'il diffuse ?

Comme vous l’avez lu, l’AromaCare n’est pas un diffuseur d’ambiance ! On ne peut donc pas parler de superficie, il faut se tenir proche de l'AromaCare lors de la séance de 20 minutes (1 mètre) pour bénéficier des bienfaits des huiles essentielles.
Il s’agit du premier diffuseur personnel pour des séances individuelles de bien être.

+ Combien coûteront les capsules ?

Nous n'avons pas encore défini les prix finaux de l'AromaCare et des capsules. Mais le prix approximatif devrait être de 6,90€/la capsule.
Pour rappel : 1 capsule = 10 séances de 20 minutes

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