Melkart is a no-profit organisation willing to be part of ART-ATHINA International Art Fair, 26th - 29th may in Athens, Do you want to help us?


The project

Melkart is a no-profit organisation that opened an Art Space in January 2015, Melkart Gallery,

on the  3° district of Paris, 3 rue Blondel, with the goal to promote the art and the artists.

Melkart Gallery has been created by the artists: Fausto Marci, photographer: 


        Fm3_1081webb-1461602554   Reborn-1461604330

Reborn 2011©Fausto Marci 


and Philippos Vazakas, painter and singer: 





"Orgasm" (162x114)cm Oil on Canvas, 2014©Philippos Vazakas


After more then one year from the opening is very important for us to be part of this international Art Fair ART ATHINA, from the 26th to 29th may 2016, with 7 artists: 3 french, 3 greeks and 1 italian.

Our project is to rent a stand of 30 m2 during the 4 days of the Art Fair.


Why fund it?

This crowd funding will be use to pay the stand of ART-ATHINA.


ART-ATHINA is an international art fair, opened in Athens on 1993, with 29.000 visitors last year.


Fees for rent a stand of 30m2: 3600€



All others expenses, travel, installation, Art Fair's Book, transport and technical assistance are for Melkart.




The MELKART GALLERY was co-founded in January 2015 by two friends and artists Fausto Marci Italian photographer and Philippos Vazakas Greek Lyrical singer and painter. Its cross disciplinary approach to art range from paintings, photographies, mosaic, to cultural performances such as music or poetry reading sessions. Settled nicely in the 3rd... See more

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