Help us to support Tunisian theatre artists who fight for freedom, dignity and justice!


The project

Friday 13 November 2015 will pass into history as a pitch-black day. Paris joins Baghdad, Damascus, Ankara, Beirut, Aleppo, Sousse ... terror sows hatred and destruction worldwide. Let's join forces against this unbelievable fanaticism and protect Human Rights. Here in our own backyard, and at the same time 'over there'.


Culture lovers of the Low Countries, unite! We owe it to the ideals of the revolutionary 'Arab Spring'. In Tunisia, the spontaneous popular uprising against the dictatorial regime aroused worldwide hope and expectation. Now, five years later, the harvest grown at the time runs the risk of being lost and becoming a parched desert area.


By supporting artists who are fighting for freedom, dignity and justice, we keep the ideals of the revolution alive. 10,000 euro is the democratic price of our revolution. We start by awarding a prize to a theatre company at the international festival of Tunis. This award will literally push frontiers: with the money we raise, Tunisian artists can come to our country, to our theatre stages, to tell their story.


Why fund it?

With the money we reward a Tunisian theatre group during the international theatre festival in Tunis (October 2016) - Journées théatrâles de Carthage (


Action Zoo Humain

Action Zoo Humain is the performance group of theatre-maker / performer / researcher Chokri Ben Chikha, theatre-maker / actor Zouzou Ben Chikha, art historian Sophie Doutreligne and historian/photographer Carmen Van Praet. Around this core, the troupe brings together a diverse team of artistic and scientific friends, including actress Marijke Pinoy,... See more

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