Let’s produce a documentary about rowing and the Bantry skiff in the golf of Morbihan (France).


The project

The Atlantic Challenge is a race. A huge race, with huge boats, huge sails and a huge history to tell.


13 nations, 4 continents and 18 longboats will confront each other between 19 and 27 july 2014.


Rowing will be honored that week thanks to a dozen tests (shipping, sailing race, slalom, regatta…)


This year, the race takes place in Brittany, in the Golf of Morbihan.


The sea, the sun and the landscape will be there. But what bring us here is the production of a documentary about a legendary boat, the Bantry longboat dating back to the 18th century.

More than a simple boat, it’s a symbol. The symbol of the relationships between France and Ireland. The symbol of people’s willingness to unite against oppression.


Even more startling, this was an attempt from France to invade Great Britain.


What ?! An invasion ?!


During the early winter of 1796, revolutionary France sent off a naval force to support Irish patriots in their struggle with England.


A gale dispersed the fleet, but most of the vessels finally arrived at the rendez vous at Mizzenhead, off the Southwest tip of Ireland.

Unfortunately, another storm blew in. As a matter of fact, La Resolue was severely damaged during the storm by La Redoutable, another ship from the same fleet.


La Resolue was severly damaged and her longboat was dispatched to locate the commander and request a tow.







While attempting this risky trip, the longboat was driven ashore on Bere Island : the crew was captured and the boat was kept as a trophy.


She remains in Ireland to this day  and is the oldest surviving vessel in the French Navy.





We literally fell in love with this legend. We? A team of independants.


On the one hand, Betel Studio, specialized in audiovisual communication, with:




-          Cyril Hamel 




He’s the project’s coordinator. He has to deal with every twists and turns of the adventure. Don’t be afraid, he will resolve every problems, and will be on all fronts.



-          Julien Degremont




Julien is our scenarist. He has plenty of ideas, but the best ones remain on paper. In fact, the history we’ll tell you will be based on this paper. Also concerned with the film making, he’ll make sure that the project will be coherent.


-          Florent Paillart 




He’s the communication officer ; his job consists in finding grants, funds and ever thing that can help the project to be achieved.


On the other hand Staff Video, specialized in video recording with:



-          Jean Pierre Pyrée 




Jean Pierre is the chief cameraman, video and audio technician of the adventure. Be sure that he will bring the best pictures.


We all have the same wish: showing, broadcasting, and sharing a history which leads young people to learn about sea and different cultures, more than two centuries later.



What does this legend need ? A movie !

Why fund it?

Thanks to the team's efforts, the equipment which will be used for the movie is already available !


We'll have:




2  4K Cameras

1 battery charger + 4 Batteries

1 memory card reader

1 camera



2 27-inch IMac 



3 To in thunderbolt

1 500Go hard drive in Fireware

1 TIME Capsule server of 3 To 



A Balcar light kit  + tripods




1 CANON 10-22mm

1 SIGMA 24mm 

1 CANON 100mm 



1 Slider

1 Dolly Track  

1 Steady cam. 



1 Phantom II drone

3 Go Pro HD batteries


If we already have the equipment, we still need:


- funds to transport the equipement to Brittany


- the housing for 10 days in Vannes


- food


- renting a car to be everywhere on the race during 10 days


- a post production budget



And that for 5 or 6 persons !


Every grant will be useful. As soon as you'll help us, you'll become a member of the Atlantic Challenge adventure !









- We'll reimburse all our preproduction costs !


- We'll be able to go to Bantry, Irland, where the story began to bring an additional content to the documentary.


- The extra money will allow us more time for film editing, which will improve the movie. (Compositing, 3D to illustrate interviews and Soundesign)


- A professional voice-over


One more time, thank you so much for your help !


The team



Un collectif normand spécialisé dans la fabrication de films d'entreprises, institutionnels, promotionnels, événementiels ainsi qu'en motion design 2D et conception 3D.

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