The end of winter is for soon. Time to launch the production of the new Spring/Summer 2014 Collection!


The project



Aurelia Paumelle is an eponym, french, two years- old fashion label based in Berlin. Inspired by parisian Chic as well as by Berlin- made edginess street fashion, my designs are a subtle fusion of both a casual and sophisticated look. I’m both the designer and the creator of each piece. My creations are    based    on    one fondamental principle : fancy classic cuts blended with street wear and subtle mix of textures. I'm launching right now the production of my Spring/Summer collection for 2014 .






My Men ( and unisex )collections, are made of sober and sharp lines, audacious volumes, subtle, surprising and playful material games. I love to work with a mix of fabrics. My favourites are wool, cotton, cashmere.The relationship to the fabric is essential. I have been ever and ever working on this connetions differents fabric, mixing them together. It’s actually all about quality. In generally, I simply love quality. I make comfortable items of clothing in which your body doesn’t lose itself in the volume like in a jogging mixed with a suit in wool for instance. I also developed loads of party accessories that allow you to party with your iPhone, cigarettes and purse.




It’s more than Fashion...

Marcel Duchamp said about his work that it’s the spectator is finishing the art work with his way of looking, being then part of the creative process. I like to think the same for my clothes : they are not finished until someone wear them! They are ready made/ready to wear clothes! And the model or the one who’s wear my clothes is part of my work too. Let’s keep on with a larger creative conception. In addition to my fashion activity, I worked closely whit others artistic mediums, especially with the electronic music world. Not only because the club scene is a real inspiration source for me but also I consider that some artists ou musician’s aesthetic match perfect with mine. Besides, partnerships and collaborations with other artists and other artistic fields are for me a real driving force. I collaborated with techno producer and M_nus label owner Richie Hawtin for his Enter.freeze video, a kind of trailer presenting the artists of his Enter Ibiza party season. My last winter catwalk, entitled L’Ardeur, was coordinated with the first live of Rouge Mecanique. Moreover I’ve an upcoming collaboration with the label Rekids for the release album of Rouge Mécanique.




More :


Aurelia Paumelle in her studio in Berlin:


Aurelia Paumelle, Autumn-Winter 2012/13, Berlin:


Richie Hawtin presents ENTER.freeze:


Interview by E. Morin :


About the rewards :


Scoopnb_tank Tank


Base Tshirt



Hood Scarf



Purse-Bracelet ( here, fabric )




Purse-Bracelet inside





Shopping Bag






Why fund it?


To blend differents material in order to create a coherent beautiful piece is a real gamble. That's why building up a whole collection which such qualitative fabrics is financially not so easy. I need your help to produce a whole coherent, structured and harmonious collection for Spring/Summer 2014.

The funding will in first place be used to buy the material. Of course, every centimeter of fabric will be used, it's not about wasting meters of fabric. For instance, if a rest of fabric is not enough to make a whole piece, I use it for the accessoiries : scarf, bracelet or hood. It's not only saving fabric, it's also about giving related accessoiries to the collection.


The production of my next collection is necessary for me te be more and more part of the professionnal fashion landscape. –


The price of a fabric roll varies from different kind of material, quality and fabric. But we could fix it between 250 and 400 € ( 1100 € ) –    

Sewing material : 100 €

Total : 1 200 €





I started whith fashion at the renown Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, as a model maker. After graduating, I made my first steps by working for respected fashion houses such as Vanessa Bruno, Sonia Rykiel, Balanciaga, Galliano and Yves Saint Laurent. After working on womenswear for six years, I decided to take a new challenge by... See more

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