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Get involved in the production and promotion of my new EP !


The project




This EP (Extended Play, meaning a mini-album or “Maxi ") will feature 5 tracks. It was recorded in Berlin, in December 2013, at the H2 Studio/Funkhaus, by Marco Birkner along with :


Greg Cohen Bass, Double Bass and music producer

Earl  Harvin Drums and Percussion Instruments

Massimo Giangrande: Guitar, Mandolin and vocals

Daniel Bodvarrson:  Electric Guitar

Elias Stemeseder: Keyboards

Fabiana Striffler: Violin.



We are currently brainstorming where and with whom it will be mixed, as well as on the mastering.




We have conducted a photo shoot in Rome with photographers Fabiola & Pollyana Torres, and the illustrator  Felicita Sala  has already designed the logo that will come along with this EP.



The release date is scheduled for spring 2014

in the forms a CD, digital and vinyl record.


Instead of focusing on quantity, we wish to make beautiful products that will give music a different meaning.

Our goal is to be able to perform as many live shows as possible with this record, and most of all, to find labels partners and show producers in order to release an album in 2015.




We are at 91% of our goal and to celebrate my 231 kiss bankers I would like to share with you the acoustic version of "Doum Doum Doum" a song (I wrote and composed with Massimo Giangrande) that many of you already know and which will be part of the soundtrack of the new film by Ferzan Ozpetek "Allacciate the cinture" (released in Italy on March 6).



Why fund it?






We were able to raise funds to finance the first part of making this record.


            - Recording of the 5 tracks      


                       o (Financing of the studio, musicians, producers, travels and accommodations)


           - Photo shoot for the album cover


           - Designing of the logo


We still have 3 steps left:


           - FINALIZING THE RECORDINGS          

            - MAKING THE RECORDS            




More precisely


           - FINALIZING THE RECORDINGS                       

                      o Mixing records                       

                      o Mastering



With the same artistic standards we’ve had so far.







           o CD            

           o Vinyl          

           o Download Cards


Manufacturing involves:          

            - Graphic design            

           - SACEM Rights          

            - And manufacturing and deliveries


In addition, as you know, making a record without promoting it is risky as it may go unnoticed. Therefore, I need you to help me finance the whole promoting and marketing part of this record:



           o Hiring a Press Officer for 4 months          

           o Making billboard, biography.            

           o Promotional campaigns in radio and / or internet .            

           o Mailings            

           o Making of promotional videos ( Introduction interviews, sound tracks , music video ... )





We set a budget of € 10,000 in order to fund the final part of our project in suitable conditions.


But this amount is not final.


The more we can increase the gauge, the more tools we will get to finalize the release of this record the best ways possible:


           - Investing in the making of one or more music video.            

           - Hiring press officers in other European countries such as Italy.            

           - Financing show dates across Europe.            


And most of all, being able to offer a better compensation to the providers who are already making huge efforts for this project.


Ideally, 20 000 Euros would allow us working in optimum conditions.


We know that it is possible.


And we count on you to book and provide all counterparties!




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