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The project

Balval’s adventures began a few years back, and have since spanned two albums, (Blizzard Bohème 2007, Le Ciel Tout Nu 2010), and several tours of France, Europe and the USA.


Balval’s musical journey has recently taken us furher away from our Eastern European Gypsy Roots, and towards what could only be defined as a Rock-Pop-Folk- World (try saying that fast..) kind of sound.


And we saw that it was good.


So, loading up on bare necessesities only, and accompanied by the incomparable Elise Boisseau (carrying ten mic stands under one arm and a recording console under the other) we headed towards the Bourgogne village of St. Brancher (pop. 60, including Roger whom we wish to thank heartily for the lawn mower and sugar).


There, during a week of summer 2012 we shook the ancient walls of an old farmhouse, recording 11 rockin’ new songs.


So here we are today, with a beautiful, organic , home baked new album, asking nothing more than to unleash our new music on the unsuspecting ears of the world, and we intend to do just that- With a little help from our friends, that is.


That’s where you come in.

Why fund it?




The new album’s release is programmed for October 2013.

By pre-ordering our album in digital or physical format, or making a larger contribution, you will help us cover the remaining expenses ;


- Cover art and design (almost done !! and it looks amazing..)  - 700€

- Pressing a 1000 copies of the cd -  1500€

- Paying the SDRM (who protects our copyright for the songs) – 1000€


If our collection exceeds 3200€, the rest of the money will be used for the preparation and promotion of our album release party ! And, perhaps for pressing a few Vinyl copies… (all right !)


Dear friends of Balval around the world, we are counting on your support !

Thanks ! And we hope to see you soon








Having explored Roma music and culture on their two first albums (Blizzard Bohème 2007, Le Ciel Tout Nu 2010), and following tours in France, Europe and the USA, Balval’s new album, « Ten Hand Band », reveals a more Rock-oriented sound. The lyrics are mostly in English and French, and the group reworks their wide-ranging musical influences (Cajun... See more

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Viva !!!
Bravo Balval!
Je vous ai connu sur Paris alors que je travaillais sur le sujet de l'habitat mobile et du territoire en tant qu'ingénieur paysagiste. J'aime à recevoir vos mails même si je ne vous ai pas revu et écouté depuis très longtemps. Ce disque m'offre cette heureuse occasion. Je vous embrasse et bonne continuation! Nicolas