Launching an online sales platform offering worldwide apparel products, to promote small local producers.


The project



It all started with a question: where can I find stylish clothes made in quality materials and not finding myself wearing the same jacket as the girl sitting at the table next to me and without spending my whole salary? A real headache for many of us. Influenced by my belief in "buying better in order to buy less", my love for travel and the weariness of seeing all girls wearing the same top, I had to think outside of the box.




 The Story :


When travelling around the world, in particular across Asia, but also Latin America and Africa, I visited production plants and workshops and met incredibly talented craftsmen producing innovative designs and showing a strong desire to deliver quality products to their clients. BalzacBazaar was born from these amazing experiences. I wanted to offer French ladies everyday outfits which are both cheerful and feminine, with this je ne sais quoi from elsewhere which makes a world of a difference.





While working as a fashion consultant in Shanghai, I realized European and Asian consumers have very different expectations, both regarding designs and materials. That's when I decided to go and look for the best local expertise and bring it to European customers, as part of a sustainable approach for all parties. I decided to get on the ground and use my three years experience as a product manager / developer to source unique products from local craftsmen and make them suited to the European market. By doing so I intend to value the unique expertise of these craftsmen and at the same time bring a made in "elsewhere" label to customers by fetching treasures wherever they are located.




 The Brand :


BalzacBazaar offers ready-to-wear, accessories and homeware, sold exclusively on our online store. The collections will feature easy-to-wear, colorful and contemporary products for every woman.


BalzacBazaar is the story of a Parisian who has travelled around the world, scouting markets and souks along the Silk Road to bring back her top picks. She gets her inspiration from unique creations from local flea markets and workshops, and incorporates them in the design of her cheerful and stylish collection. One of her own ways to bring new horizons to French fashion. 



NO MORE COLLECTIONS - We are strong advocates of mix and match. With mild winters and cold summers, we think the concept of collection is now obsolete. We like to travel, to have flexibility: we could covet a swimsuit in winter time and a fur coat in springtime. At BalzacBazaar we believe the annual calendar provides a too rigid structure. We prefer to organise our products by capsule collection articulated around a topic, a colour theme, leaving more room to creativity in designing looks. This also reflects our new way of dressing: a brand new top, an old pair of jeans, shoes borrowed from auntie Jane and cousin Claire's sunglasses: we no longer afraid to mix different styles, and that's for the best !


MADE IN "ELSEWHERE" - Clothes & objects are inspired by ,and products of all countries: We go in search of the best skills wherever they are, to guarantee a 100% local production. On our website, a small flag tells the client the country of origin of the product, seamlessly. It aims to help small workshops of the world, and sustain the global economy of tomorrow. When ‘Made in China’ is no longer a handicap !


CONTENTS 100% NATURAL - The materials we use are 100% natural, for clothes in which we can feel good. We take particular care in the choice of materials: silk, wool, cotton, cashmere ... For ONE garment that we love wearing and keeping.


RESPONSIBLE - Our values are against child labour, and we advocate the use of leather and fur from animals bred responsibly (no rabbit video here!). We check these standards are met at each visit to our suppliers. In addition, OUR clothes are produced in small series: very unlikely to end up with the same shirt as your neighbour. We refuse to encourage fast-fashion or profitability at the expense of ethics. We strive to deliver quality products, which reflect the time we invest in their design.


THE FAIR PRICE - Price is no taboo here. Our goal is to bring style to everyone "at the right price", in an accessible and modern way. To do this, we opted for a 100% online shop business model, which will reduce the fixed costs of a physical shop and making logistics easier. This will guarantee you a great selection of products in just a click, directly from local craftsmen to your door, without intermediaries.



You like our idea? Now help us to make this happen !

Why fund it?


On KissKissBankBank you take no risk: it is an all or nothing policy. If we reach the goal we set the project is implemented; if not you are automatically refunded.


Your support will finance BalzacBazaar distributed as follows :


€ 2,000 - First Prototype : The first step is to fund the first prototypes. They will guarantee you quality products meticulously designed. Special attention is given to the choice of materials, and this will naturally be reflected in prices, but remember it is for your own good!


€ 2,100 - KissKissBankBank : Funding goodies and vouchers that we will give you to thank you for your support, but also covering bank charges and pay the fee to use the KissKissBankBank platform. This is not the fun part, but it has to be done.


€ 4,000 - Starting of production : Once our prototypes have been validated, the next step will be to start producing the collections. Many of our suppliers will likely require to be paid in advance. This is the most stressful time for us: make or break!


€ 500 - Launch event : A party to thank you for your support, meet you and exchange ideas about the project and new products you might want in the future.


€ 500 - Website : Paying the operating costs of the website and the online sales platform, but also hiring a web programmer to correct small defects.


€ 600 - Packaging : Ordering brand and composition labels, branded cardboard bags, delivery boxes and other packaging.


€ 300 - Visual Marketing : Fund the shooting of the lookbook, editing images and printing posters. Launching additional prototypes to give select journalists and fashion bloggers, hoping for good publicity. In a nutshell, all the communication expenses!


More donations than expected? The money will be reinvested in BalzacBazaar to design more products and improve communication around the brand!








And in the meantime : the adventure continues on the social networks !


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Charlotte Woivré

Diplômée de la Chambre Syndicale de la couture parisienne en tant que Styliste/Modéliste, j'ai exercé pendant trois ans le métier de chef de produit dans plusieurs entreprises internationales telles que Chloé, Tara Jarmon et Yves Salomon. Aujourd'hui forte d'un réseau d'usines et de façonniers en France et à l'étranger, c'est avec le plus grand plaisir... See more

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