Banale Beauté / Make possible the publication of this photo book.


The project

« I have in the eye militias armed with flowers. These flowers were picked walking. It’s walking that I create. It is necessary to have time for that. Love the space, the horizons and journey. Walk. Love. Steps. The palpitations. People. »


Lionel Parrini






>> Usual Beauty / Photography book


In 1999 I start the Fine Arts school in Grenoble, since then I do photos. I do my first experiments in the black & white laboratory, then I discover slides, witch open me a door on a world of colors. Since more than ten years I take pictures of what obsess me : grounds, windows, doors…all this little nothingness, withch are there, waiting to be extracted to become image. As Haïkus, theses pictures are my poetry.


<< It is a photography which does not question, but observes. The everyday life is the raw material in which she cuts to create her images. A shape which in spite of its cultural gap seems to us familiar.

Flore Lagarde maintains the illusion of a ghostly presence, of someone or somewhere else. >>








My steps bring me to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Australia, Thaïland, India, Indonesia, Guinéa…In this roaming quest, my camera clicks in beat. I exhibit my work in France and abroad, in small restaurants as well as more prestigious places as Les Moulins de Villancourt or the Centrò Fotograficò Alvarez Bravo in Mexico.


>> Give to this work a book form, is for me make it accessible and be able to enlarge it diffusion.


>> More infos on Flore Lagarde :





Usual Beauty is a book with 80 pages (70 photos)

With a size of 16 x 24 cm

Off set print, with a binding of stuck sewn type

Why fund it?

I met differents printers, but the cost of such a realization does not go down. Today the only way to realize this dream is to sell this book before being printed.


The found raising for Usual Beauty will be use to cover the production costs of 500 copies of the book.


Why 500 copies : Such a quantity allows to reduce the cost of the book unit, and thus to put it on sale with a moderate price (After January 1st, 2015 the retail price will be 25 TTC)


The money will be used to :


The printing of this book with color photos. Quality « off set » on a modern half-matt coated paper 170g With a stiff coverage. Of a size of 16 x 24 cm in horizontal. Sewn bound binding, straight back « repincé »


Price of the book: 5405 euros


I manage for:


- The slides’s scan

- The revision of texts in French, in English and in Spanish

- The rewards

- The post cost

- The kisskiss’s pourcentage


>> Usual Beauty


- Publication in December 2014

- Edition of 500 copies

- 70 photos in color accompanied with 2 texts in French, English and Spanish

- Case-cover / four-color printing process on slept modern half-matt 135 g + Mat Soft Touch lamination

- 80 internal pages / four-color printing process on slept modern half-matt 170 g


Thanks to you!


Born in 1981 in Pertuis Lives and works in France and in Australia. In 1995 made her first experiences with the paternal Leica. In 1999 enter the school of art of Grenoble where from she will go out awarded of a diploma in June, 2004. During these years she learns to master various media among which the photography and the video. Her work... See more

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