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The project



  Baron Crâne is a parisian instrumental rock-trio mixing lots of influences (stoner, prog, jazz, dub, doom). Born in Paris in 2014 the band is composed of Colin Gentile (bass), Leo Pinon-Chaby (guitar) and Pierre Chatel (drums).

   Baron Crâne self-titled debut E.P. digitaly out in 2015, as free download, and received many great reviews from all over the world.






"everything is top notch on this magnificent record"


"it’s heavy, it’s interesting and it goes down smooth, like my wife after she’s shaved"


"Stoner encontra dub encontra jazz encontra noise encontra electronica"


"Their instrumental debut effort is one hell of a tasty adventure"


"Un Ep très plaisant qui ravira les esprits ouverts"






   After a really productive year, we've decided to record a second EP, with six new tunes. It has been realized in live conditions, into a beautiful studio. We're currently mixing it and it should out it in november.


   Baron Crâne is a self-produced band, and we owe a lot to some people supporting and working with us (Guillaume Roess our sound engineer, Florine Samson who made the art work of the first EP and Samir Benchikh who realized our first video clip).



   We received many vinyl requests for the first recording, but it was too difficult for us to fund a pressing.




   We hope the campaign will help us pressing our first EP but also the second one, that sounds, we know it, really promising and a lot greater ! Two beautiful vinyls for you, people !


   What a better way for our music to live on a physical support as precious as the vinyl disc ?!


   We hope that the love we put inside our work and kind rewards that we offer will convince you to support us !

Why fund it?

Your contributions will help us to finance the pressing of our both EP





EP 1 - October 2015

5 Tracks


1 - Warm Lake

2 - MD Stoner

3 - 45-53

4 - Way to Stratus

5 - Red Cave






EP 2 - November 2016

6 Tracks


1 - Tear Gas

2 - Captain Peacock

3 - King's Blast

4 - After the Bombs

5 - Missing Time

6 - The Chase



Détails des coûts du projet :


▪ Mastering vinyl

60 euros per track so 660 euros


▪ Pressing 300ex.

1460 euros per vinyl so 2920 euros


▪ Artwork

100 euros


▪ KissKissBankBank 8% fees

320 euros


▪ Technical data :

Speed : 33 RPM

Pressing Acetate + Galvanoplasty

Test Pressing : 5 ex.

Quadri sleeve 3mm (350 g).

Quadri label

White inner-sleeve

Plastic wrap




If we reach our goal we will use the extra money to promote our second EP and fund a residency to work on the third one !!

Baron Crâne

Baron Crâne is a Parisian instrumental rock trio born in Paris, in 2014. Influenced by many styles (stoner, dub, progressive, jazz) they create a well balanced special blend, just for you ! The band members are Colin Gentile (bass), Léo Pinon-Chaby (guitar) and Pierre Chatel (drums).

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Du Baron! Encore du Baron! Toujours plus de Baron!
Gregg from NJ - USA here. Thanks for e-mailing me the details. I hope to have a review printed for you in the future.
J'aimerais pouvoir vous aider plus, mais les temps sont durs ! Très content en tout cas que vous fassiez une impression vinyle, j'ai hâte ! Bon courage