Help me fund an original web-documentary on Heritage by bike ! Let's discover our most beautiful sites in a different way !


The project

Let the Cyclo-adventure begin !


Hi I am Gilbert Ciervo. 29 years old, archaeologist, fan of culture and heritage. Bike for Heritage is a project close to my heart since long time and today I, finally, have the possibility to develop it. With this collection I propose you to help me fund the first web-documentary, with episodes of 5 to 10 minutes, on Heritage that speaks directly to you ! All the information and video will be then supported on a App simple to use.







The project purpose is to valorize the local heritage to the eyes, not of the institutions but of the public who have the impression that, today, the heritage don't speak to them.

It's a democratization of the culture that I wan't to launch, prove that you don't need to be an high level scholar to have interest in " the chronological and typological evolution of the mono-familiar fireplaces in the settlements of Second Iron Age Attica" for example. You just have to reformulate as " How the fire making has changed in the homes of Athen's region between the Vth and the Ist century B.C.".


To do so I have decided that the better way will be to map out all the sites classified as "Humanity Heritage" by UNESCO (an organization that many have at least heard about) and to present them in a more attractive, light, less academic but still full of information, way.


Now you'll ask me why "Bike" ? That's simple !  I chose to unite two of my greater passions. Since my young age I am an amateur cyclist and in Paris, where I live today, the bike is turning into my principal daily transport. It's a slow-movement concept that characterize me very well and that helps a lot to confront this modern world that always goes too fast ! In addition I always been attracted by cycle-tourism, a way to travel without always depending on trains schedules, traffic and that, above all, make us enjoy the places we encounter in the best way.    


With these dynamics in mind I told myself  " why not integrate the bike thematic into the heritage valorization project ? ". If bike turn into a mean of transport it can also carry us to the sites and places that we want to visit, and...BONUS! is ECOLOGIC !


That's how today I am very glad to present you this project named Bike for Heritage






Which heritage ?


Cultural but also natural. Yes! The UNESCO's World Heritage sites don't only includes the Man most wonderful creations but also the wonders that Nature grants us.  


Which difference with the U.N.E.S.C.O. website ?


The U.N.E.S.C.O. website, propose a list that furnish different information on the protected sites and some times medias (video and images) that quickly present them. These are academic presentations, accessible to the general public but that lacks of a certain energy, spirit that I want to include in my project.

Furthermore in my supports I want to include the sites which aren't on the U.N.E.S.C.O. list but that are near the sites that are.


Another part will be dedicated to the touristic and gastronomic advices ! 


Last but not least ! A section will handle the advertising of the many Heritage preservation or valorization initiatives o the sites or nearby.  


To go further…






An initiative with the same "spirit" was launched in 1997-1998 in association with U.N.E.S.C.O. also, named : BikeAbout - The Mediterranean Tour. As you can understand by the title, it was a quite long adventure (9 months) mostly focused on the cooperation and technology. My goal is to really focus on Heritage and its valorization, also enjoying the local culture, and to create an experience accessible to everybody (I am an amateur cyclist too!), with the help of advices and alternative itineraries (even to mine). This BikeAbout experience is in anyway really interesting and is for me a source of inspiration.


UNESCO in bici


A project similar to mine was launched in 2009 by a group of young italians Culture and bike lovers. With UNESCO in bici they travelled 5000 km by bike to connect all the UNESCO sites of the italian peninsula. I didn't knew this project before starting mine but it is clearly a source of inspiration even if at totally sportier level than the one I propose.

Why fund it?

What I want to realize with these collection :



Un A multi-stage project with future and sooner developments  




1)    All summer long the excursions of a week-end or of a good weather day, will bring us to the Île de France (the Paris region) UNESCO World Heritage sites.


 2)   At the beginning of July let's go! for an itinerary of more days (about 10 days) on french roads, filled with cultural and natural heritage. The chosen path is : Paris - Mont-Saint-Michel - Saint-Malo.  


Support explanation  


1)    Web-documentary : Multiple short episodes (5-10 minutes) in which you'll find the general information on the sites presented in an intellectual but also funny and attractive way.


2)    App : Geo-location of the sites, the transport, the bars and restaurants, the bike and pedestrian paths that brings to the site. Detailed information on the site and access to the related webisode. 


Which will be the precise use of your donations ?


-       Better level bike than the actual (especially for the saddle ;) ! ) 800 €


-      GoPRO type camera and accessories 600 €


-       Cardio-frequencer 100 €


-       Accommodation (10 days) 400 €


-     Phone travel charger (in order not to get into the stereotyped moment of lonesomeness... "So which path should I take...? "Low battery...Goodbye..." 50 €


-       Photo material (tripod, filters) 100 €


-       Transports (when needed) 150 € 


-       A little good meal ;)


If you really liked my project and that I collect more than the goal :


1) I could easily launch the next steps of my project like: The capital "A" Adventure "This summer I come home by bike" - a first itinerary on the Heritage cycle-routes : The Paris - Naples (with local paths from the nearer cities). And/Or "The World is better by bike !" who'll bring us to the internationalisation of the project. 


2) Support addition and improvements :


-  Book : A little story for children and adults which will let discover the site, his story and his information in ludic way. In the annex the information included in the app and a paper map.


- Multi-language sub-titles development to open to an international public.


3) More professional monitoring and equipment : 


-       HF Microphone 


-       Fix camera (for better images)


-       More advanced GPS or phone 


-       Professional video-editing station


Msm-1464286895 Provins-004-1464286867


Bonjour à tous ! Je m’appelle Gilbert Ciervo. 29 ans. Italo-Français, né dans une des villes les plus chargées de culture : Naples. Avec un tel background et une passion pour l’Histoire, travailler dans le Patrimoine, pour moi, s’est révélé être un choix obligé. C’est pour ça que j’ai décidé d’entreprendre des études d’Archéologie à l’Université Paris 1... See more

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Félicitations Gilou, j'espère que cet élan de générosité venu d'un peu partout, famille comme amis, te permettra de réaliser, dans les meilleures conditions possibles, ce beau projet ! A très vite et bon courage pour les toutes les bornes que tu vas devoir avaler ; )
Bravo Gilou! Go baby go!
Félicitations !!!