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The project



Welcome ! We are Thomas and Sebastien, two young entrepreneurs who created Blue Telegram.






Passionate about fashion and entrepreneurship, we want to offer a brand with a true identity that is in accord with our values: with a global outlook, honest and indie. A brand far from urban clichés usually only exploited for marketing purposes.


Blue Telegram is inspired by travel. It looks like the new globalized youth : without borders, with a thirst for getting away, off the beaten paths, for whom globe trotting has became a way of living.




What is Blue Telegram ?


Blue Telegram is a 100% organic cotton t-shirt brand inspired by travel.


➢     A unique concept : each t-shirt is an opportunity for discovering a new destination. Each creation has its own visual based on a photograph shot somewhere around the world.

➢     We stand up for our beautiful planet : each t-shirt bought equals a tree planted !









London' subs



New York



The Alpes




Along the carefully stitched collar as well as the bottom of the sleeves, there’s a stylised map based on the exact location represented in the main image. 






Example : Our New York t-shirt with its map pattern of Manhattan



Quality first


The cut of our shirts went through rigorous prototyping to offer you a unique fit, form-fitting, without being skin-tight. The cotton is light but strong and the visuals are printed exquisitely. Your t-shirt will not become distorted once machine washed and will keep its shape well over time.



A reponsible business


- Where our t-shirts are produced : our t-shirts are hand made in Portugal with a factory certified BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). It means the employees have optimum working conditions and the company is audited regularly.


- Where our cotton comes from : our organic cotton comes from various locations. It is certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which guarantees that practices from the farm through final productions are socially and environmentally responsible.  



Bsci_logo_min-1439459518     Logo_gots_min-1439459547



- How we plant the tree : we do not plant it ourself. We work with the “Planète Urgence” association. Reforestation is a major component for environment protection and development in regions undergoing difficulties. 








Why fund it?

Create two jobs with Kiss Kiss Bank Bank !


Your donations will be split as follow :

-       6 700 € for buying t-shirts

-       1 100 € of working capital

-          500 € to create the company


In addition, each one of us will invest 2000€ in this project.



                                                        Help us! You make the difference ;)





Blue Telegram

Thomas et Seb, c'est avant tout deux amis qui se connaissent depuis plus de 10 ans. Thomas, le "créatif" de l'équipe avait envie de concevoir sa propre marque de T-shirt. Sébastien, le "business man" voulait créer un projet responsable qui aie du sens. Et bam .... ça fait Blue Telegram. La jeune marque est née de cette rencontre et d'une passion... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Est - ce que je peux choisir quel t-shirt j'ai en contrepartie ?

Oui ! Vous pouvez choisir n'importe lequel de nos t-shirts en contrepartie. Les images dans la colonne de droite sont à titre d'exemple.

+ J'ai choisi en contrepartie un t-shirt, mais on ne m'a pas demandé ma taille

C'est normal, à la fin de notre crowdfunding, nous enverrons un message personnalisé à chacun de vous pour connaitre votre taille, et vous envoyer le t-shirt qui vous convient.

+ Est-ce que vous faites du XL ?

Oui, sans problème on vous livrera du XL si besoin !

Newest comments

Bravo !!! Le début d'une belle aventure ! Je vous souhaite beaucoup de succès pour votre entreprise ! Chantal Fiérard - Venelles
« La sagesse, c'est d'avoir des rêves suffisamment grands pour ne pas les perdre de vue lorsqu'on les poursuit. » Oscar Wilde Une petite contribution pour un grand projet... Que Blue Telegram vous emmène là où vous n'auriez même pas imaginé aller. Peace, love & adventure! Cha.