Support Bodypaint'in Show, a concept of dance show and other performances proposing fantastic and creative characters!


The project




The association of law 1901 ODM initially wished to promote the dances of the world and the cultural diversity. The participation of Jennifer Jean-Aimée changed the situation.

Artist of body art (make-up, bodypainting, special effects) and very keen about dance, she suggested putting on an original and ambitious show, presenting surprising characters in a fantastic universe.


The story, a dream... A dreamlike universe allowing the biggest possible freedom in terms of the creation of the various universes and characters of every picture.


A central figure will travel within his dream through various cultures, represented by unexpected and surprising manners. Every picture is totally different, presenting a different emotion and a different art.


Besides the dance performances, acrobatics acts and other surprises will be interpreted!


Our objective: make you travel, even farther than you could imagine!


We have created the video below to present to you our completed work for this project and tempt you to support us. We introduce you to the creation of the 1st character of our show, a goddess of seas, proposing you a show of wings of Isis in the oriental way – dare penetrate into our universe!


Why fund it?

The show is written, the various characters are drawn, the costumes are partially finished...


We also have also selected our performance venue – "Le Portail" in Villejuif (line 7).


Your donation would allow us to present our show. Now we are now only lacking... money! Your donation is essential for us to finish this advanced project. We want to provide special superior-quality effects, but we are lacking equipment, accessories, costumes and money to pay our artists.


You can give life to these characters – each crazier than the other, and let your mind travel even farther than you could imagine! Please help us by participating in this great adventure!!!


ODM in an association by law 1901 located in Fontenay-sous-Bois, near Paris, France. It wants to promote cultures by world dance and body art. Director of Bodypaint'in Show, Jen Body Art is a multiple-purpose artist working in image, show and special event management.

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Où et quand aura lieu la représentation ?

La première représentation du spectacle Bodypaint'in Show aura lieu le vendredi 13 juin 2014 au théâtre El Duende métro Mairie d'Ivry, ligne 7.

+ Qui sont les participants du projet ?

Coraline & Jahma au bureau d'ODM
Jen Body art:
Bella Lee modèle:
Claude Ouvrard photographe:
David Fréchou Avid graphiste:
Joanidogs, créatrice canine:
Le Conservatoire du Maquillage:
Le Portail:

+ Comment suivre l'avancée du projet?

Vous pouvez suivre le projet via les actualités sur cette page, sur notre site internet ainsi que sur facebook Bodypaint'in Show et sur Twitter @bodypaintinshow

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Beau projet et quel travail!!! Bravo et bon courage pour la suite!
Bon courage, vous y êtes presque! :)
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