At times where twerk stirs up controversy, the Booty therapy tends to return cultural importance to theses dances that glorif hips.


The project



Sensual, seductive, tempting, perfect… Where ever they were born, women grow up with a series of images that stick to them. Weather in Africa, in Europe or in America, women evolve in a world filed up with contradictions: be slim but generous, beautiful but never provocative, smiling but not alluring…


So much constraint that gender daily stresses and frustrations can easily hinder women self-fulfillment.




Since nearly 20 years, Maïmouna Coulibaly fights these social standards in France. She never separates herself from her weapon: her body, her soul and energy… and more precisely, her pelvis.

The pelvis area gathers every repressed emotion and hidden feeling build up since childhood, through education and society.


Engaged dancer, Maïmouna created Booty therapy – the dance that heals through hips and buttock.

Inspired by afro-urban dances culture and dancehall modernity, the Booty therapy concept is the perfect balance between corporal expressions that disconnects women from all prejudges linked to their gender, and movements that highlight their femininity and their differences.


Flashmob Booty Therapy Paris Opéra





Booty therapy is feeling like a woman without feeling guilty. It is defining your own femininity, weather it fits society or not. It is gaining back confidence, weather you are a size 42 or 64. And most of all, it is a way to escape everyday stress for a moment, and feel your body move like would never have suspected it could, without caring about the image you might give about yourself.


Since these problematics are global, and women across the world all face the same standards about beauty and happiness, Booty therapy should spread up beyond French borders.

After many TV apparitions, successful dance shows and street happenings in Paris, Maïmouna Coulibaly wishes to export this message to the U.S., where appearance is so important. She was already there to present Booty therapy shows, and plays like « Héé Mariamou » (2009) and “Shake that Sin” (2011). She also organized a series of training courses last year, and got a very warm welcome, which made her realize she could push the American adventure further.


With Hawa (from the company « Les ambianceuses ») she will organize training courses and formations for Americans during the summer. A group of students (called the “Bootykilleuses”) following Booty therapy courses in France will join them end of September, and they will perform on west coast (San Francisco and Los Angeles) until beginning of October.


This tour, called the Booty Therapy US tour, will start on the 1rst of august and end on October 15th 2014.



At times where twerk stirs up controversy, and challenges US puritanism, the Booty therapy tends to return cultural and historical importance to theses dances that highlight hips.


Booty therapy has its roots in African dances, inherited by Afro-American people, and is greatly inspired by women and society. Indeed, these popular dances are attractive for a lot of people, and offer women an important place they don’t always have access to in everyday life.


Although twerk is seen as a vulgar dance, Booty Therapy adds color, structure and a historical and cultural background to these dances. Add to this Afro-Caribbean music and there you go.




 Working with the “Bootykilleuses” crew is a way to spread Booty Therapy energy and refreshing spirit beyond Atlantic. This exchange is also an opportunity for American culture to return to basics, and put its values to the service of dances that match them perfectly.


Official clip of the Booty Therapy concept, performed in New-York with Maïmouna and Hawa.



A project combining shows and training courses:


- Maïmouna and Hawa will propose trainings and Booty Therapy lessons during august and until and of September for Hawa, in order for American girls to discover Booty Therapy, and also to train local teachers so they could spread the concept.


-  End of september, and beginning of october, Maïmouna, Hawa, and the “Booty killeuses” crew will organize dance events and shows on a daily basis… the perfect opportunity for the newly trained American Booty dancers to exchange with the French “Booty killeuses”. Maïmouna will also present her solo «Booty Therapy for a woman in love».




Why fund it?

Dance studio and theater rental: 3000€

Lights rental: 700€

Sound system rental for the street events: 700€

Technicians: 1400€

Cameraman, photographer: 900€

Communication / Promotion : 700€

Press attaché : 1000€

Costumes : 1500€

Make-up: 500€

Plain tickets : 7300€

Accommodation : 1450€

Total expenses : 18 650€


A total amount of  € 18.650

Les Ambianceuses

Maimouna is a dancer and choreographer, always dressed in Red, based in Paris, France, specializing in contemporary African and Caribbean dance. She is the founder of "Les Ambianceuses", a dance company whose repertoire covers popular dance styles such as Ragga Dancehall, the Congolese movement style Ndombolo, and Coupé décalé, a dance wich... See more

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