Support this incredible LP with never released before tracks composed by Alain Goraguer for Brigitte Lahaie's movies form the Golden Age of porn.


The project

Unreleased soundtracks composed and conducted by Alain Goraguer for french masterpieces of X-rated movies starring cult actress Brigitte Lahaie. Never edited before and collected on an ultra collector vinyl record, as spectacular as our beloved french porn Star !


In 2015, while working on our book project about Brigitte Lahaie filmography, we found a lost treasure that was sealed in a forgotten safe : magnetic tapes containing original scores from director Burd Tranbaree‘s X-rated movies. Huge excitement of discovery ! With sensual rhythmes and round bass guitar that give sexual feelings, the excavation of thoses original tapes should give real chills to the rare-groove diggers and vintage porn-erotism amateurs, that we surely all are.


After we found them in an old bank safe, we couldn’t wait to meet their mythical composer Alain Goraguer, music director and arranger for not less than five Serge Gainsbourg albums, and also composer for cult movie soundtracks like René Laloux’s La Planète Sauvage (1973’s Fantastic Planet). With his agreement and complicity, we started this crazy project: the first ever vinyl record with the funkiest and sexiest tracks from the maestro's porn movies.




At autumn 2015, our crowdfunding campaign for the book collected 500 funders and almost a hundred who chose simultaneously Book + vinyl record ! That’s what convinced us to step further in this vintage adventure with this “cult album”.


Today, after a successful first crowdfunding and motivated by enthusiastic amateurs and collectors we met, we want to share all this with the creation of a spectacular and unique record. Its vinyl medium makes it a one and only object of desire, as spactacular as Brigitte Lahaie’s fantastic body.


Originaly, the record consisted in tracks from two movies : La Rabatteuse and Autostoppeuses en chaleur. Today, everything changed and we present you 11 tracks from six different movies like Perversion d'une jeune mariéeNuits brûlantesEsclaves sexuels sur catalogue and Parties de chasse en Sologne. Six X-rated french masterpieces, all directed by Burd Tranbaree starring Brigitte Lahaie, scored by Alain Goraguer. All the talents and magic of that golden age in one unique beautiful object !





Heartful experts from Color Sound Studio restaured and remastered every track with particular and detailed work for some damaged tapes, and that’s why, due to their damaged condition that this is the first and last chance to lead them to your ears in so good conditions.


Brigitte’s fans (as we all are !), rare sound nugget collectors and diggers from all around the World, let’s unit our strengths to achieve this project that may be a dream come true, beyond your most erotic dreams !


Important Warning: this exceptional vinyl record will have one and only one pressing and will never be sold out of this crowdfunding. So you’d better warn every human soul that could be interested around each of you : this is a “very happy few” released.


This campaign will last a month and will close October the 15th 2016. When stretch goals will be achieved, records will be made then delivered worldwide during November 2016.


As you can see, we love every little record shop so we are proud to propose special offers packs for record shop owners. They can buy 10 ou 20 records packs with invoice VAT declaration.


The more you’ll come to help us funding this project, the more the “disque de culte” will be a magnificent piece of art. As much as the fund raising will grow, we will add a printed sleeve, a poster with never before seen pictures, and better, an upgrade for a luxurious double sleeve with an outstanding inside panorama of naked Brigitte Lahaie !


Why fund it?

To finance digitization and remasterisation of every extra trackthat will be add on the record.


To pay graphic creations for cover (inside and outside).


To finance the realization of every booked record, by the greatest french press operator to achieve the best quality ever for the release of every record manufactured.


Our minimum stretch goal is 4.500€, to produce every 500 copies.


If we go higher, here is what will happen :


From 6.000€, we’ll add a printed sleeve double-sided with deux beautiful pictures of Brigitte Lahaie from two different movies. STRETCH GOAL COMPLETED !




From 7500€, we’ll  slide a 23x11 inches double-sided poster with never before seen set pictures inside the sleeve for every crowdfunders. STRETCH GOAL COMPLETED !




From 10.000€, we’ll aband the simple sleeve for a luxurious double sleeve with inside cover printed with a spectacular cinemascope visual of Brigitte Lahaie. STRETCH GOAL COMPLETED !




From 12500€,  the Cult album will come with the fac simile of a contact sheet from Parties de Chasses en Sologne byBurd Tranbaree with Brigitte Lahaie. STRETCH GOAL COMPLETED !




From 15000€, each subscriber will get picture from the set of Gefangene Frauen by Erwin C. Dietrich. STRETCH GOAL COMPLETED !




From 25000€, each subscriber will get an artwork by our friend Géraldine Meo for Jess Franco's "Je brûle de partout" starring Brigitte Lahaie.




Brigitte Lahaie Cult Movies is a collaborative book, started by Cédric Grand Guillot and Guillaume Le Disez. They are dedicated B-movies fans - you might believe they grew up in a video rental store, which might closed to the truth. Nicolas Lahaye joined them, he has a PhD in History of Civilisations, and wrote a thesis about dreadful films (so bad... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ A quelle date seront livrés le disque et le livre ?

Le disque sera pressé en octobre, et le livre imprimé pour le 18 novembre.

+ S'agit-il du même disque que celui qui était proposé pendant la campagne du livre ?

Oui, c'est le même disque et cette campagne nous permettra d'en faire un objet encore plus exceptionnel, et tous les souscripteurs du livre ayant aussi choisi le disque en profiteront.

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Bonjour, pour quand pensez vous qu'il vous sera possible d'envoyer le skateboard ? Merci pour votre réponse.
J'ai reçu le disque ce matin, il est magnifique ! Ce plaisir s'accompagne de petits cadeaux dans un beau sac. Que dire ? Merci !
Superbe idée, quel magnifique projet que de pouvoir posséder les musiques d'époque sur un vinyl doté d’une superbe pochette. Je suis juste déçu parce qu’il me manquera 1 vinyl qui est édité en 10 copies seulement alors je me disais que si jamais il en reste 1 en stock ou un échantillon test par exemple même mal pressé je suis preneur, parce qu’il faut sauver le patrimoine sonore et le vinyl est le support de référence. :-) Alors j’ose demander parce qu’on sait qu’il y a toujours des tests pressing qui finissent à la poubelle et j’avoue que je préfère qu’ils finissent sur ma platine. :-) Un très joli travail ce projet et je remercie toute l’équipe sans oublier Brigitte bien sûr. :-)