Budget My Trip is an app which enables you to manage and optimise your travel budget according to the country where you’re located.


The project









We want to help you to travel more ! and longer !


Though our own blog, the most frequently asked question was :







The answer is simple : we monitor our budget and we never exceed it !


Depending of the country and the level of life, we know how to adapt our budget to spend what is needed to have fun, enjoy our trip and monitor it at the same time.

Budget My Trip is the combinaison of all our experience in travel, in order to create the perfect tool to monitor and optimize your travel expenses. Then you will be able to travel more often, longer and enjoy your stay even more during your trip.


We are two passionates about travel that want to communicate to people our love for adventure, new cultures & amazing places discovery and our thirst of extraordinary experiences. 








- You have a bit of a travel / holidays budget

- You have just a small  travel / holidays budget

- You’re travelling for several months and manage your budget over time

- You frequently forget your expenses of the day or you loose the receipts to do the accounts at the end of the day.




And especially, if you’re fed up with :

- spending more than your starting budget and coming back home overdrawn

- doing the accounts in your travel diary  in never-ending boards.

- having to do the accounts in the evening when you are tired and using your phone as a calculator

- doing the conversion from the local currency to your daily currency to know your total expenses or the price of a souvenir







Budget My Trip is an app for smartphone and tablets which enables you to improve in real-time the management of your travel budget. 






The app will enable you to :

- Edit your travel budget for a one week, month or year trip…

- Add your daily expenses directly in the local currency

- have a integrated currency converter (automatic or manual)

- have a clear and precise recap board of your expenses in your own currency

- know if you respect your daily budget or not

- Compare your expenses with your total budget

- know the repartition expenses categories

- compare your expenses with the statistics of other users who already traveled in the same country you’re staying in






No more limitation at the end of your stay or bad surprises on your bank account once back home !


You will be able to spend money and enjoy it at the same time.

Since you will be able to follow your expenses in real-time

Budget My Trip will show you your expenses in real-time and by categories. Then you will be capable of pointing out your biggest spending categories in order to reduce or optimize them as a consequence.


Budget My Trip will monitor your budget without any effort, automatically, in real-time, with a clear and precise recap in your own currency, with no need of additional conversion.




Take a look at all the things that you can do when you successfully manage your travel budget !










We are two travel bloggers who decided to live our dreams and not dream our lives !


RYAN travels around the world permanently for several years.

Actually, it all started in 2008 during his trip to Vietnam which were meant to last 14 days.

Coincidences and  encounters transformed his trip in a more than 4 months adventure across South East Asia, while Ryan had only 210€ in his pocket.


Since this time he has never stopped travelling.





In his travel blog Le sac à dos  he does his best to give top tips and practical advices to help futurs travelers to prepare and to realize their futur travels. 




ALEX, after 6 years working for a website, he decided to realize his dream : travel around the world for a year. He’s crossed more than 15 countries during his trip (Mongolia, Papua, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Colombia, etc…). He also visited nearly all the big european capitals and recently add to counter a 3 months road trip in Australia. In total he visited more than 50 countries and his passion for travel has almost become a drug.



In his travel blog Vizeo he tries to communicate his passion for travel and give people the desire to travel, He shows that everybody can just do it. 




Why fund it?



It’s been several months now that we're working on the creation of the app.

Today, we succeeded to elaborate the precise specifications to build the app and thanks to Ryan’s graphic skills, we have also been able to start the scale models.


In order to complete the app and make it as efficient as possible, we have to hire a company to develop it :

- 6 000€ : IOS (Apple)

- 4 000€ : website


In case of overtaking objective or developed at our cost :

- 4 000€ : Android


100% of the money will go to pay for the development of the app. 





For any question you may have, you can contact us here : 




QUI SOMMES-NOUS ? Nous sommes deux blogueurs voyageurs qui avons décidé de vivre nos rêves et ne pas rêver nos vies ! RYAN voyage et vit à l'étranger depuis son premier voyage en 2008 où n'est parti qu'avec 210€ en poche. ALEX est parti faire le tour du monde pendant 1 an en solo et depuis il enchaîne les voyages en sac à dos de plusieurs mois.

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Bonjour, Je viens aux nouvelles pour ce projet. Le dernier message date de plus de 3 mois et vous disiez dans celui ci que vous donneriez des nouvelles régulièrement. Or ce n'est pas le cas. Par contre pour donner des nouvelles de vos voyages sur vos blogs ou pages facebook là il n'y a pas de soucis. Vous préoccupez vous encore du projet ou comme l'an dernier il est en standby car vous êtes trop souvent en voyage? Merci pour votre retour Un lecteur (et contributeur) qui adore suivre vos aventures mais qui commence à s'impatienter
Je ne cherche pas à minimiser les faits ni ton point de vue ou ta demande. Je te dis depuis ton premier message : envoie moi ton RIB et nous te remboursons. Mais ce que tu veux c'est être le justicier de personnes qui ne l'ont pas demandé. Donc envoie moi ton RIB et nous te remboursons. Je suis sûr que tu te feras un plaisir de communiquer sur tous tes réseaux comme tu sais bien le faire, qu'il faut nous envoyer un mail afin que tout le monde demande son remboursement et nous mettre encore un peu plus dans le pétrin pour finir ce projet. J'ai maintenant compris ton état d'esprit. Je te souhaite de ne planter sur aucun autre de tes projets, car tu verras qu'avoir des gens médisants qui cherchent à te couler, n'est pas agréable. Surtout quand tu es bien intentionné. Voyageusement, Alex
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