become a producer of vinyl 45T bye bye blondie


The project

After two years of touring with the album "We do not even care about the Way it look like"

you'll find it on Deezer for those who don't know us

after more than two hundred gigs, we are back in the starting blocks with tons of ideas and energy to spare!  


For this, we will need you, you'll have the possiblity to become more than a music fan, but a participatory producer  



Always in search of authenticity, like our first album, and our old instruments,  we have decided to strengthen this difference and make our strength, our trademark. a 4 titles vinyle EP will be  released in April after the recording and mastering  but don't worry, for latecomers who have no turntables yet , a  digital version of this EP will be available  


Finally the artwork for this project will be done in collaboration with the photographer, and friend, Aurelien Guy .we're working together for a long time !  


the different links:  


Bye Bye Blondie


Kaiser Studio / Lucas trouble


Studio Mastering / Raphael Jonin


Photographer / Aurelien Guy






Why fund it?

the recording of the 4 songs EP, on anologic will begin in mid-March at the kaiser studio

with the great Lucas Trouble (Dionysos, The Needs, Cowboys from Outerspace)  


he will help us to have a real live sound with  our old amps   everything on the recording,included the master will be on analogic!

the master will be done by Raphael Jonin


Finally, the EP will be produce on Vinyle (45t), and will goes out in April.  




for more details, and to be completely transparent with you here is the budget for this project:  



Studio / Director                                                         1200

Manufacturing / Pressing Vinyle                                 1054

Mastering                                                                     324

Kiss Kiss  bank bank fees                                           160

SDRM (SACEM)                                                            73

Contact distribution fee on digital platforms                   39

TOTAL EXPENSE                                                      2850  


RECIPES KissKissBankBank                                      2000

staff contribution                                                            850

TOTAL REVENUE                                                        2850    


Obviously if we go beyond the required amount ,the rest will be used to promote the vinyle ! 


Bye Bye Blondie

When the rock turns psychedelic A subtle mix of the dirtiest rock and the most atmospheric melodies allows the trio to produce rock music without complex! inspire by rich vocal harmonies and instrumentation deliberately stripped, their music is based on the a trio, bass,drums, guitar. Lulled by the sound of the sixties and seventies they... See more

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