Dear friends, the Bye Bye Léone collective needs YOU to help them record their first album!


The project


Photo credits : Akimoss Art Photography


After 3 EP's (still available for "name-your-price" digital download on our Bandcamp page), we wish to move forward: recording our first album, after spending the last few years writing and arranging music.



Photo credits : Akimoss Art Photography


The idea is simple: we want to record and release the new album on CD, so that you guys can then listen to it in your car, at work, or even in the bath!



Photo credits : Akimoss Art Photography


Thank you very much for your interest in our project!


Bye Bye Léone is : Alex Léone, Alexandre Cloître, Guillaume Quinette, Jack Bowman



Photo credits : Akimoss Art Photography


Here are two of the songs that will be featured on the upcoming album...


Why fund it?

Why help us fund the project? We've already written the songs and we started recording them a few weeks ago... All we need now is YOU!


Crowdfunding will help us with the following:


Recording, mixing and mastering : 1800€

→ to record 8 unreleased tracks for the new album at the Sessions Audio Lab studio

→ to remaster those same 8 unreleased tracks + 4 older ones to make a 12-track album

→ we're hoping to finish all this process  by the end of 2016 / early 2017


Editing and printing : 1300€

→ to print 500 albums on CD

→ to edit goodies for compensations (300€)

→ we're hoping to launch the editing and printing process by February 2017 and have everything available for you in April 2017


Merch : the extra budget

→ the extra budget, if we make it to our goal, will help us to edit more goodies (t-shirts, posters, badges, ...) that we'll be able to sell after our gigs, maybe even on an onine store! 


Thank you all : we're nothing without your support!


Alex Léone

" Bye Bye Leone recently unveiled several tracks in which the genius of this French artist seduces us, embodying a true concentrate of haunting melodies where the ethereal and elegant vocals take us high... "

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Allez Chic, on croit en toi et ton projet !! Longue vie à Bye Bye Léone ;-) Bisous !
Je crois en vous les gars ! ;-)
Courage Mi ! J'ai partagé ta publication sur la page des admis de mon école (il y a plus de 2000 personnes) j'espère que cela sera fructueux! Des bisous sur l'bout