De Rigueur creates highend leather accessories, handmade in France. Our master piece for this collection : the authentic "Baise-En-Ville".


The project

Here is the great Come-Back of the "Baise-en-Ville" !


If this little bag reminds you of something, this is because it has been a real super star of the male wardrobe since the 40’s.





The De Rigueur story began in 2008 when Adrien, the brand founder discovered a small leather satchel. It belonged to his great-grandfather who used it to carry his small medical equipment during the 1940s. This bag made of sturdy leather had been transmitted from generation to generation, with over 70 years of history !






Because of its original tablet size, the size of this iconic makes it extremely convenient to carry your most important cases gracefully. In fact, this bag has many resources as you can both transport your keys, wallet, glasses case, camera, and notebook and phone charger! In a word, all those cases that clutter your trousers pockets or blazers daily, which distort,but are essential to you on all occasions.


This bag for qualitative and authentic manufacture, vintage design is a must-have to provide optimal lifestyle and elegance for the modern man and woman.







Thanks to local craftsmen's know-how, we guarantee the highest quality: Full grain leather tanning and mixed calf leather depending on the model, clasps 100% French, and finishes with the beeswax.




Leather cutting, to face not to damage the texture of the skin, is handmade from templates for each piece.


All of our hardware is brass made in France. Robustness is proven and guaranteed.




Handmade threading operations are trademarks of expertise and excellence expected in luxury leather goods. They allow to crush the slices to refine, leaving an elegant fine thread along the sides.

Dyeing operation slices are also made by hand with natural dyes that provide durability and resistance to rain / moisture.



Spécial model "businessman" : "le BEV Noir Pétrole."




Spécial model "working girl" : "le BEV Rouge Passion."


Hand-carried with a pocket or shoulder strap (included with all models, the BEV comes in 5 sizes, the leather matches the colors of the bag and is detachable) this small satchel rhymes elegance and practicality in this timeless model of authenticity and modernity. The "BEV" acclaimed for its originality by women and men, has been designed in special colors to suit all tastes.


This exceptional campaign allows us to develop new models of the iconic "BEV" A4 briefcase and 15 inch computer briefcase  to meet all your daily problems, professional or not, with style. But for that, we need you!








Spécial women collection :






Original BEV - 9.7 ": Handcrafted full-grain cowhide leather, the Joint tanning which provides exceptional patina over time, the BEV is lined with an extremely soft suede to protect your tablet if you take it with you, and consists of an interior pocket to store and quickly find all your purpose documents (passports, credit cards, etc ...)




The BEV is supplied with its leather shoulder strap to the corresponding colors, adjustable in 5 sizes and detachable from the bag.




BEV Briefcase - A4: Ideal for carrying your important documents with great elegance at your meetings, A4 BEV is obviously also handmade with full grain cowhide leather and lined with the same suede. Width: 35cm x Height: 24cm x Depth: 6 cm Its interior will include: - A long inner pocket in leather and suede, crosses the entire length at the back of the front to store your documents; - A 23cm wide tablet pocket made of  leather and suede on the rear face; - A 12cm wide wallet pocket made of leather and suede on the rear face; - A central space with a  storage depth of 6cm  that can contain a multiple briefcase; - A plated rear exterior pocket with an invisible magnetic clasp for paper you want to access quickly; - A nice leather 4 cm wide strap.




BEV Computer - 15 ":   The most elegant and vintage computer bags, BEV 15 "can accommodate any type of computer. It is of course handmade with full grain cowhide leather and lined with the same suede. Width: 40cm x Height: 26cm x Depth: 8cm.   Its interior will include: - A long inner pocket in leather and suede, crossing the entire length at the back of the front to store your documents; - A 26cm wide tablet pocket  made of leather and suede on the rear face; - A 14cm leather portfolio bag and suede on the back; - A central space with a depth of 8cm to store your computer and other objects; - A plated rear exterior pocket with an invisible magnetic clasp for paper you want to access quickly; - A nice leather 4cm wide strap.


Post Card: To thank you for your kindness, we have planned for you 4 cards after our photo shoot in the studio, here they are, they even let you choose the one you will receive!





USB key: It has been tested and it's still very convenient to have a key-shaped USB which is attached to your keychain, and so always with you!





Tote Bag: Made of recycled ethical cotton, tote bag in Berlin is ideal for racing. Format: 38 cm wide and 43 cm high.




iPhone Cases  5 / 5s: Simple and elegant, these shells combine gum and full grain leather with the color of your choice to protect your iPhone (5 / 5S)  in a chic way.





Bracelets :

Full cowhide leather made flower bracelets are an exceptional creation for the KissKissBankBank campaign! We offer for € 45 to choose from: - Double bracelet dark brown turn, total length 36cm, 1cm wide, a clasp ??magnetic clip. - Bracelet single light brown white stitching, length 18cm, width 2cm rectangular magnetic clasp - Simple dark brown strap with white stitching, length 18cm, width 2cm rectangular magnetic clasp - Single Strap Black black stitching, length 18cm, width 2cm rectangular magnetic clasp.




Reversible Belt: Creation of the brand, the full grain cowhide leather belt buckle integrates an innovative reversible solution without separating from the belt buckle head can turn on itself to offer you the choice: black belt, or a brown belt!




Case 9.7 tablets” Inspired by the design of our BEBE, we wanted them to be simple but beautiful, as well as elegant and practical. Its clasp strap and sueded lining directly reminds our BEV and protects your tablet format 9.7 "scratches and dust, that is to say: iPad, iPad 2, Retina, Air, and some Samsung Galaxy.



Why fund it?

The purpose of this collection is to design and launch our new creations, colors and sizes, from 9.7 "to 15" via the A4. All profits will be used for the design of these new models.

With our goal to always meet the daily challenges of modern men and women with stylish and practical accessories, exceeding the fundraiser allows us to prepare a future collection connected fundamentally useful and connected nomadic life of our company.  Our dream is to make Rigour From the elegance French house in the 21st century, and we work hard to make sure you have comprehensive experience with our products. If we have your support, we will be able to offer you High Leather products Connected by the end of the year: THANK YOU!




Our team consists of Elodie, Valentin, Adrien and Recently Marine, who are at your disposal 24h / 24 and 7/7 and put all their love for you to make objects that will delight your day!




De Rigueur

Jeune maison de haute maroquinerie, De Rigueur met l’accent sur le savoir-faire artisanal Français en créant des produits élégants et pratiques. La marque remet au goût du jour l’intemporel Baise-En-Ville, petit cartable en cuir authentique des années 40.

FAQ Questions about the project

+ D'où provient le cuir ?

Le cuir que nous utilisons sur la plus grande partie de nos produits provient de Toscane. C’est un cuir de vachette pleine fleur au tannage mixte, c'est-à-dire intégrant des techniques à base de plantes. Seuls les cuirs rouge passion et bleu roi sont en cuir de veau. Il sont ensuite envoyés chez nos artisans français qui travaillent avec ce matériau exceptionnel pour faire nos produits.

+ Où sont fabriqués les produits ?

Tous nos produits sont faits main en France par des artisans de renom, ayant fait leurs armes dans les plus prestigieuses maisons du luxe (Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Goyard). Nous travaillons avec deux ateliers de 3 artisans chacun, situés l'un à Challes-les-Eaux en Savoie, et l'autre à Colombier-Saugnieu en Rhône-Alpes. Vraiment local !

+ Quand recevrais-je mes contreparties ?

Nous vous promettons de vous les envoyer dans les plus brefs délais. Tous les produits et contreparties seront envoyés à la fin du mois de Juin / début Juillet selon l'ordre des envois !

+ Comment seront-ils livrés ?

Nos produits peuvent être livrés partout dans le monde dans nos magnifiques packaging De Rigueur qui ont été conçus pour expédier le BEV et l’étui iPad. Dans le but de réduire les frais de livraison, nos plus petits produits, ne seront pas livrées dans nos boites De Rigueur mais expédiés dans des colis postaux spéciaux avec soin jusque chez vous.

+ Comment puis-je choisir la couleur que je souhaite ?

Nous vous contacterons via mail pour vous demander le coloris de votre choix. Ne vous inquiétez pas, nous produiront à la pièce, il n'y aura donc pas de rupture de stock frustrante !

+ Pourquoi le BEV apparaît-il sur les photos avec et sans bandoulière ?

Chaque BEV est livré avec une bandoulière en cuir détachable de 2 à 4 cm de largeur, et réglable en 5 positions : vous pourrez choisir de le porter à l’épaule ou simplement d’utiliser sa poignée.

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