What if YOU would partake humanly and financially to the French Drift Championship's Live Streaming?


The project



It's actually a branch of motorsport which is certainly one of the most spectacular discipline by now. You've probably already seen pictures of pilots controlling their race cars, drifting on the track. Everything is done to let the public explore this federal sport for several years now in France. The events of the French Championship host many captivated spectators ; and the live streaming on YouTube generate about 10,000 views every Drifting weekends. It has been realised by professionals acknowledged to have gained in this field and it's essential for us to make this sport, the pilots, the teams and the sponsors known. After four events realized in 2016, by self-financing, we invite you to become a major player of this live streaming Obviously, your financial contribution is important for the project continuity, but it's above all a human adventure that we invite you to live from the inside.




How does the live streaming work?


A professional director is responsible for managing three operators with their HD cameras settled all along the layout of the track. Two fixed cameras complete the installation. The connections are made by optical fibre and connections by satellites. Two speakers comment the race for the live streaming and for the crowd of spectators, and give informations about the progress of the race and technical details of the discipline. More than 8 hours of live are proposed every race weekends, from Qualifications to Final. Thanks to the live streaming, around 50 usually engaged pilots are able to watch their performance et share it with family or friends. It's also an international showcase to demonstrate the high-level of the French drift.



Why fund it?

Be prepared to live the adventure from the inside!


The technical system described above has a cost. Five cameras, two editing tables, mixing tables, hi-fi system, parables connections, five professionnals of the TV production, travel, accomodation, production of a 24minutes documentary. All this requires a significant financial contribution to each event to satisfy the thousands of FANS. The undisputed expertise of the team established from the beginning of the 2016 season has given an outstanding quality about the achievement of this performance. All the hours spent for the development of this live offered you more than 8 hours of live, in each race FREELY. Did you like it? The show must go on, get involved!





Drift Events organise depuis 4 ans le Championnat de France de Drift. Même si ce sport automobile est en plein essor, les moyens restent amateurs et il faut compter sur une bande de copains pour réaliser ces épreuves. Nous vivons une incroyable aventure humaine, rires, joie, bonne humeur, sang froid, larmes etc Le DRIFT est une usine à émotions et...

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salut, un petit coup de main pour aider ce beau projet a ce développer, merci pour ce live merveilleux qui nous fait rêver à chaque course!!! Damien, Soudure PACA. ( préparateur des véhicules d AXEL FRANCOIS XTREM DRIFT ) go axel pour la finale!!!!!!
Vous faites un travail formidable, le Live est juste magnifique. Il faut que vous puissiez continuer. Vive le Drift Français !
Salut, petit don modeste de la part de Drift Safe France ;)