Through photos and text, this book portrays an attitude towards life and the will to remain dignified, resistant and free!


The project





Camargue has long been a source of fascination for travellers to the Rhone delta in southern France, with its wide open spaces where wild horses have roamed for centuries and the glamour of the Riviera to the West has been resolutely kept at bay.


It is also the home of a unique form of bull fighting that, unlike its Spanish counterpart, does not result in killing. It involves a strange dance between man and beast where both can achieve star status, and continues to fascinate many in the region and beyond.


And yet this extraordinary culture that has shaped


the aesthetic and imagination of the South of France is under threat – from regulation, environmental change and, in the eyes of those at the heart of it, our collective demand for a sanitised version of culture.


This book ( +exhibition) showcases the fascinating world of the ‘manadiers’, the men and women on horseback who raise the wild bulls of Camargue and stage the extraordinary spectacles of the bull races. 


Photographers Roger Job and Gaëlle Henkens not only beautifully capture the essence of this ancient culture, but through stunning imagery and thoughtful commentary, raise some very real questions about our modern definitions of authenticity, heritage and nature itself.














Why fund it?

We shall use the money wet got to produce pictures and interviews of important people in Camargue free-running herds.  With this original and well documented information material we shall be efficient in order to negotiate a book with a well known publisher.

What do we need to pay?

From 2016 to mid 2017 we’ll need to go 20 times to Camargue region.  By Ryanair airline or by car:  6.000€

Accommodation: 4.000 €

Flash memory technology, hard disk, computer accessory, batteries: 2.000€

Post production: 2.000€

Repair: 1.000€

Telephone charges: 600€

Presents to “gardians” (cowboys) : Belgian beer and chocolate : 400€

Wireless microphone: 200€

KKBB charges: 6%

If we get some more money it’ll be use in an exhibition.



Roger Job & Gaelle Henkens

Two authors, one vision. The work of veteran photo-journalist Roger Job has featured in some of the world’s most prestigious news publications over the last 20 years, from Paris Match, Newsweek, The Independent on Sunday, to National Geographic. After years dedicated to war photography, he has now turned his lens on to the relationship between man... See more

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