The project



Who will be the next president of the United States? On November 6 2012, American voters will choose between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. From September to November, the campaign will be in full swing. It's the time that we have chosen to be on the field. But not just any field.


American universities welcome 20 million students each year, approximately 30% of an age group. Why did we choose to focus on college students? First, because we feel that the "youth" is too broad and vague to be fully treated in our webdocumentary. Furthermore, as students, we want to go to meet our American counterparts to bring an external perspective and original approach to this campaign.


We feel that there is a strong link between the academic diversity and the context of the election campaign. At the crossroads between campus life and the race for the White House there are a  series of topical issues that will weigh tenfold during the campaign. Our project is therefore to analyze a panel of universities around the themes present in the campaign.



Our selection method is simple: associate each theme with a campus that best embodies it. Campus Campaign is therefore conducted cross-country to the beat of the campaign and to our steps on campus.


Each week, we will publish new content on our dedicated website. We have chosen to use video as our main format because we feel that it is best suited, but we will also use text and photo as we travel through the ten campuses.



Details of the shooting


● Duration: 2 ½ months of filming and 5 500 miles from the first week of September to the second week of November.

● Publishing rate : weekly for the web-documentary/ daily blog / pluri-daily for social networks



About the Authors


Hugo and Marie are both students at the Sciences Po Paris School of Journalism . After their first year of Masters, they decided to take a gap year to complete their web-documentary. They will graduate in May 2014.




Hugo LEENHARDT (born January 7th 1991) graduated from the Sciences Po undergraduate program. He lived three years in London and four years in Washington DC. He spent a year as an exchange student at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Contact: hugo.leenhardt@, (+33)6.



Marie DEMARQUE (born December  26th 1989)  has  an undergraduate degree in history and geography and a Master of Research in Modern History at the University of Lille 3. She spent an exchange year in Umeå, Sweden. Contact:, (+33)

Campus Campaign

Hugo et Marie sont étudiants à l'École de Journalisme de Sciences Po (Paris). En septembre, ils partent réaliser un webdocumentaire aux États-Unis. Chaque semaine, ils s'implanteront dans un nouveau campus pour y couvrir la campagne présidentielle aux côtés des étudiants américains. De San Francisco à Washington, soutenez et suivez leur road-movie... See more

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Bravo Hugo pour ce beau projet en lequel je crois beaucoup. J'espère que les hippies et le lama vous traiteront bien. Et j'attends un magnifique reportage sur la "queer community" d'Hampshire, ne me décevez pas ! Bises et bon courage pour le road trip !
Merci à vous tous, les 95 Kissbankers. Grâce à vous, nous atteignons notre but : 6500 euros collectés en moins de 3 mois. En rajoutant cela à l'argent obtenu de nos différents partenaires, nous allons pouvoir réaliser ce web-documentaire dans des conditions idéales. Il nous reste 10 jours pour récolter sur KKBB, et chaque euro ira dans le budget de Campus Campaign. Continuez à parler de nous autour de vous !
Salut chère ptite cousine , super projet !! On te suivra ;-) Bises et au plaisir ...Eric , Chantal , Juju , Nico et Perrine (eh oui ... et si tu as besoin de traductrice , Perrine parle Anglais et Espagnol et vient de passer 4 mois dans une unif au Texas ) .