Aidez-moi à créer un beau livre photo novateur et interactif Road-trip de capitales Européennes (Bratislava, Budapest, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Prague)


The project

My name is Arnaud Najarro, I am a freelance photographer.




The world is sometimes misunderstood, we sometimes make assumptions about certain places, or people.




Through a neutral approach through photography, I try to open the eyes of the reader to the cruel beauty of our world.




Forever fascinated by the image, I want to offer my skills to the public through beautiful photo books.




I publish (myself) this year a book called "Virée dans l'ouest américain - Un autre regard sur les états-Unis." Through 3500 km in 4 states, I offer the reader an immersion in the land of Uncle Sam, through the visit of beautiful and incredible places, and other more confidential or forgotten. A journey in 162 pages, with stunning panoramic and glossy photos. It occurred to me the idea to offer the reader a way to travel with me, with QR codes present in the pages with additional video and photos accessible from a smartphone or tablet. new process to date in the beautiful picture books.





Today, I seek to develop and enrich this project with other works. Photographic book, travelogue, dvd, and drone will be the key points of this new book on: EUROPEAN CAPITALS.




Step by step, you can follow on social networks the trip, and advanced projects - photos and videos in support.



Why fund it?

Financing travel across Europe accompanied by a friend:


- 1500 € (airlines, car rental, fuel costs food)


Financing of the first printing of the book :


- 850 € (50 initial copies for a book in A4 landscape format, glossy laminated cover, paper 170g / m² - about 150 pages)


Advertising for the release of the book :


- 500 € (radio ads, internet, and paper, to encourage buyers and booksellers to order the book)


Copies DVD movie of the trip :


- 150 € (50 copies to donors in the first places, HD images, reportage on the trip, photos, tips, drone aerial images)


Participation in financing the drone :


 - 1000 € (technology advancing the possibility of offering magnificent shots or picture quality aerial video has democratized This participation will provide real added value to the book and its contents.


Consideration for supporting the project by KissBankers


- 500 € (Postcards from Europe to the TSE, Local Products, Photo Prints, Retirage Ride through the American West ...)


If there is more than? An exhibition with photographs of two books (USA / Europe) and cocktail party with dating and signing for KISSBANKERS




Being competent throughout the book chain design (layout, text, photo processing), I ONLY works as an independent craftsman. At almost 30 years despite the good quality of my productions (photo, publications or audiovisual recording) only the public rewarded me for my work. It is therefore primarily for the public and people every day, readers I want to work because as you know the world of publishing or the media, often remain closed to people who do not have their member card...


Trailer of the book "Virée dans l'Ouest américain"


Thank you in advance for the generosity you will show.




Je suis issu d'une famille modeste. J'ai passé mon adolescence dans des études d'audiovisuelles entreprises après un Bac-S. J'ai travaillé en tant qu'indépendant notamment pour des médias radio et tv. Également musicien par plaisir et par passion (comme l'était mon père décédé quand j'étais enfant), je pratique la guitare, violon, piano et basse. Je... See more

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Je suis fière de toi , quand on a des rêves ils faut les réaliser !!! Afin , de ne pas avoir de regret !!!!!!!
Merci à tous pour votre aide. j'ai chaud au coeur grâce à vous.
Tout est difficile dans la vie sans budget, la création est souvent la plus méprisée... Amha