Come be a part of CelKilt's new album and share The Power of the Kilt!


The project




  Celkilt joined forces in 2011 around Titou Mac Fire, Loic MacWind, Drick MacWater, Rems MacGround and Ana MacFive ,and has built it's universe around rock'n roll, kilt, traditional music and punk, becoming of the best Celtic live acts in Europe, and growing on the International scene (US, Canada, Switzeland, Germany, Italy...) 




 With more than 400 gigs in 5 years, liters of swat, electric energy, and un ultra festive live show, Celkilt leaves the audience asking for more.


Today, after 5 Eps, the band is eager to think bigger with this next album, and still keep its independence.





If you already know us, you probably attended one of our shows, you know who we are (and what we are capable of!) and you're here for a reason!


Deep inside, something directed you to got to know more about us, to be a real part in this adventure, to join the team... You've probably been secretly dreaming of becoming a member of the band... 


And that's a good thing, 'cause we need you





This time, we won't ask you to dance a jig, to jump along with us, to scream "Hey!" with MacWind, to do wild circle pits like the little psycho you are. Nope. For the first time, we're asking you to participate to the album's birth and life ! 


  Our new album is on the way, we'll record it at the end of the year and this time we want to make it big ! We can take care of all parts of the recording process (we put aside 1€16 in a jar every morning since 2011), but it you want : 


* To hear us on your favorite radio station 


* Get us on Jimmy Fallon's couch


* See our beautiful faces on the subway walls


*Read our latest adventures in Closer


*Watch even more Celkilt music videos and blow up Beyoncé's Youtube views records


In a nutshell: if you want us to become the Biggest Band in the Universe and give us a fame up to our exuberant megalomania : you'll have to break open your piggy bank, request an inheritance advance, push grandma into the nettles, discreetly steal your spouse's credit card, etc.


But don't worry, we've been nice to you, and we thought of awesome crazy counterparts that will hopefully equal your unfailing support ! 




Why fund it?

Celkilt has always been fully independant, and for this new album we'd like to sail our little ship even further ! 


Beyond the cost of production of the album in itself:


*Recording and Studio expenses



*Production Taxes

*Graphic Design

*CD Pressing


We'd like to promote this album by all possible means ( Press/ radio promotion and communication, web and social network ads, music and live videos, shows promotion and production...), like a record company... but without a record company !


All this costs a lot of money! So, if we can count on you to support this adventure, we can take the Power of the Kilt even further !!!




With CelKilt, Everyday's St Patrick's Day!!! More than a 400 shows in 5 years, sharing the stage with Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, The Levellers, Flook, Tri Yann, Dan Ar Braz and many others, from Washington DC's Shamrock Fest to Sion's Guinness Irish Fest, with stopovers in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland or Italy and widely noticed live TV... See more

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