“Oneline“ chair is beech veneer, sleek and futuristic design. Support us and participate in this adventure.


The project

Who are we?


Jean-Michel LOLIA is a creator, French designer and draftsman. At the border of art and industrial product, talented designer it focuses on creating uniqueness through pure forms, minimalist and smart. A bottle of champagne at a high speed train in passing by concepts cars, Yachts, furniture…

« I think the industry is incredibly conservative of point view of design »





Our project?


This project is an expression of contemporary living, where design and ecology share the same dimension, that of the human. Oneline is decidedly different from any other chairs, because it breaks with the traditional design seating four feet.                                                  

« A touch of design and everything changes »






Sensitive to issues of sustainable development and eco-design, our products are designed to reduce our carbon footprint.


- The Beech veneer used comes from the French forest resources sustainably managed, FSC certified.

- We use natural wood glue without formaldehyde emission for a healthy indoor certified E0.

- For finishing, we use a polish natural  without solvent.





- Essence multiply: Beech

- wood plating: +/-0,5mm

- Seat height: 42cm







Why fund it?




Our goal is to reach € 5,700 to fund the first production.


Purchase of raw materials: 800 € 

3D machining mold: 2800 € 

Hardware: Device marking, Logo brass, Dremel: 1200 € 

Creation of the packaging: 650 € 

INPI: 250 € 

Total budget = € 5,700

Exceed this goal will enable us to produce more chair and pass these savings on the sale price.


Thank you in advance for your valuable support.




Jean-Michel LOLIA is a French brand of contemporary furniture and decorative accessories inspired by nature, eco-design 100% made in France. Her collection, mostly in bamboo except limited editions . Furnitures JML signed and numbered invites you to switch your home in modernity. Design and ecology share a single dimension, that of the human. The desire...