Publishing photography project on the subject "AGE BEFORE BEAUTY", first fanzine dedicated to great age. A part of the benefits will be given to the non-profitmaking organizations "Les Petits Frères des Pauvres" which fights loneliness that affects too often old people


The project

Dear all,


We have a two years old photography blog for over two years, which is followed by 4000 people on Tumblr :     You can also find us on facebook now : Facebook.


After a long thought, we decided to start a publishing project : a serie of fanzines, publishing photos of different artists on a particular topic.


The first fanzine has for subject : "AGE BEFORE BEAUTY" and depicts great age in general. We have now a folder full of beautiful photos taken by photographers from all around the world.


Our project aims to promote young and talented photographers, but also to help non-profitmaking organizations, depending on the topic of the book. For this one, we will give a part of the benefits to an organization that helps fighting loneliness that affects too often old people ( "Les Petits Frères des Pauvres"







Why fund it?

As we just graduated and don't have full time jobs yet, we need your help !


The collect will allow us to start printing the fanzines ! 


Also, it will help us developping our collection principle, on other subjects and for other non-profitmaking organizations !


The idea is to publish (new) talents, and help others as much as we can !


Cheers !



Julie Lansom

Site internet de photographie qui projette d'éditer sur papier. Toujours pour la bonne cause !

Newest comments

La collecte est réussie ! On continue le travail ! Et on n'oublie pas vos petits cadeaux ! MERCI A TOUS DU FOND DU COEUR !!! Et à très vite ! xxx
Bravo pour l'initiative! Bon vent...
Ensemble, on va y arriver ! Pour la bonne cause...