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The project



Bio :


From the composition on her piano to the sewing machine on which she creates her costumes, through the production of the videos that accompanies her live performances, Alice combines her many talents to give life to her warrior Cigùri. Living in Berlin where she has her studio since many years, Alice originates from the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Her debut album, entitled “Mare Nostrum” from the ancient name the romans gave to the Sea, is now ready.


(More information available on the official Website)


The music :


This artistic project grows out of the story of Cigùri, a deceased warrior from a secret tribe. The various media used unite to bring this martial tale back to life, and each song bears the witness of one of Cigùri’s past experiences, each one of her future lives.

This dark and melancholic pop with a glimpse of hope, pours out great energy with choirs, electronic and symphonic orchestrations, and, at times, settles back into the fragility and minimalism of a simple voice and piano.




The album :


To produce this album, Cigùri has surrounded herself with an army of musicians, whose brass and chords sublime her compositions. It took a little bit more than two years to finish the 12 titles opus. This album, symbol for the many lives of Cigùri, is an epic poem to the struggle of life and death.


Name: Mare Nostrum

Number of songs: 12

Length: 58’



The digital version will be available from the 5th of December 2013.

The album and the limited edition will be available end of January 2014.



Further information:


The album comes in a Digipack edition with an 8-page booklet.


The Collector Pack is a limited edition of a hundred copies including:

-        The album in Digipack edition

-        A strap of Cigùri’s Mare Nostrum costume, sealed and numbered

-        4 official pictures Mare Nostrum (21x21cm)

-        An autograph of the artist

-        A serigraphied clutch for the pack, sewed and conceived by the artist herself


Debut album Digital Release: December 5th, 2013.


Teaser live avec un extrait de la chanson The departure (album edit) :


Why fund it?

Mare Nostrum is a first, fully independently produced album.


By pre-ordering the album, you contribute directly to its production (pressing, prints, etc.) and the sending fees, in doing so you enable the artist not to advance the cost beforehand. You will therefore be amongst the first ones to receive a copy of the album before its commercial distribution on Internet and in specialized stores.


If you would like to support the project Cigùri, do not hesitate to spread this information regarding the release of Mare Nostrum and to send the link to this page Kisskissbankbank to your friends on social medias. Thanks a lot for your support!




Singer/Song Writer, Cigùri designs her own costumes and videos.
 French artist based in Berlin, she bewitches her audience with a dreamy electronic Dark Pop tinged with mystic symbols. As a musical Amazon, she mixes influences as diverse as Kate Bush, Fever Ray, Depeche Mode and Arvo Pärt. Lying at the basis of the artistic concept is Cigùri, a dead... See more

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