Cinema Bioscoop organises its first Brussels' edition. Will you help us to make it count?


The project

Cinema Bioscoop is an organisation that consists of volunteers with a passion for language and film. By organising a film festival with drinks, food, music and debates, we hope to share our passion with our audience and to offer them a great night out. Our Brussels festival, which will be held in the small Cinema GALERIES, will challenge and stimulate the spectator by screening alternative Dutch-language films which have gotten little to no attention in more mainstream theatres. To promote our young and local talents, we will also screen a series of shorts made by film students and organise a contest called '7 days short' (see below).




We're showing video art by young artists, like  'I Am Under Construction' from Ennya Larmit (NL),  'Eclipse' from Jacky De Groen (VL) and Thimotei from Gert Vlok Nel (South-Africa).


Furthermore, we work together with Filemon International Youth Festival for the exhibition of Prins, which is the first long-player of Sam de Jong (NL). With a very limited budget he made a truly professional and immensly beautiful picture about the relations of an adolescent with his family, friends, and dreamgirl. After the movie there will be a Q&A round with a crew member from Prins.


A much more heavy film from the experienced Alex van Warmerdam is Borgman, which we will show after Prins on Saturday. We are very proud that we are able to show this picture to the Brussels' movie lovers. The movie is about a mysterious man, which we can easily identify as satanic, that infiltrates in a family. This sounds scary, and it is, but there is a lot of black humor in this movie too. Also, we have to emphasize it's NOT a horror movie. 


We made sure Flanders is represented too in the longplayers. It came out in 2003 and has by now become a classic: Any Way the Wind Blows by Tom Barman. This is a story about everyday things that happen to everyday people, but it makes you realize how special these every day thing in fact are. 


As said before, we organise a short movie competition ('7 dagen kort'), of which we will show the results on sunday.  We're sure there is a lot of undiscovered talent in Belgium, that we can offer our help. 


Our complete programme, including the opening film, will be released on 15 September. 




We present our team extensively on our website, take a look if you want to get to know us! Our Belgian website is only in French and Dutch though. 

Why fund it?

With the revenues of our 2015 London edition and our ticket sales, we can finance our location, films and French subtitles - which of course are very important in Brussels. However, there is much more to a festival. Since this will be the first Brussels edition of Cinema Bioscoop, we have little to no brand awareness in the city. If this remains the case, our films will be screened in front of empty seats. Without audience there is no festival. This is why we need you.


Our project is small but ambitious. WIth the first €750 we hope to gain by crowdfunding, we can ensure this first edition will be a success by reaching out to people in and around Brussels.  Your €750 will in its entirety go to the following promotion-related activities:


1: Graphic design by Eduardo Ferreira, who is a real boss in what he does (look here!)

2: Printing (posters, postcards and flyers with the festival's programme)  

3. PR-assistence from Peter Beda. He's making contact with the press and local cultural organisation, to make sure as much people as possible know about the festival.

4. Ofcourse the flyers and posters have to be distributed too. We have some people working for us to do this, that we ofcourse want to give a reward for their good work. 


With the other €250 we asking for, we will invite directors and actors that make our festival worth while. We want to offer our visitors the opportunity to meet the people behind the movie they just saw, and ask them questions about how the movie is made. 







Cinema Bioscoop

Cinema Bioscoop has been promoting Dutch-language films in Europe since 2012. Although it all started with a small film festival in Lisbon, the organisation is now active in multiple countries. The Brussels festival will be held from the 8th to the 11th of October 2015. Meike Lindsen, founder: "When I moved to Portugal in 2011, I could not wait to... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Kan ik ook deelnemen aan de filmwedstrijd?

Ja! Absoluut! We willen graag dat je mee doet!

+ Hoe ontvang ik mijn reward?

Als je je e-mailadres doorgeeft samen met je steun, nemen wij contact met je op.

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Succes! ik geloof in jullie project!
230,- voor de baromzet van Cinema Bioscoop! iedereen bedankt voor het drinken van onze Zuid-Afrikaanse wijnen en mierzoete Surinaamse Fernandez. We love you all <3 <3 ;) Groet van Team Cinema Bioscoop
De Vlaamse film verdient een festival als dit!