Help us complete the scenography of our first circus show! Goal: 15 000$ !


The project

We have reached our first goal! Thank you to all our supporters!


Butthe campaign continues!!! We still have a few days to reach our STRETCH-GOAL of 17 000$. This will enable us to buy a big coton cyclo, with which we can cover the entire stage in white for our final tableau. An image you do not want to miss!!! :-)


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On March 12 2016, Cirque Les Improbables will present its first circus show: fen[^]tre. We are in our final stage of production. The creation of the show is almost done, but we are missing our scenography and its essential elements to complete this project.




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Cirque Les Improbables is a collective composed of Josianne Levasseur, Anouk Vallée-Charest, Jonathan Brochu and Mirko Trierenberg. Four circus artists with each more than 15 years of experience, performing around the world for notable circus companies, such as: Cirque du Soleil, Dragone, Cirque Éloize and many more. Each artist has several specialities that differ from each other, but that are also complementary to one another. Therewith forming a group that is……..improbable.




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For the past 2 years, we have combined our strengths and our desires to create something unique and personal. A show in which we can express our feelings about the world surrounding us. Through work and discussions, our ideas took form and after several research and creation periods, we arrived at the production-phase of our first circus show: fen[^]tre. The show was born from a myriad of inspirations: individualism, solitude, overconsumption, ... We want to address these contemporary themes that we regard as harmful to society, but also propose positive and constructive alternatives. Collaboration, human contact and compassion are important values to us. The following quote illustrates this vision.



Our goal was also to innovate by creating new circus apparatus. This is not easy in a field as well exploited as circus, but through a lot of research, three apparatus emerged in a poetic way: the dance-frame, the “frole” (from “frame” + “pole”) and the aerial window.


Our show is conceived for small and medium-sized theaters. It is intimate, close to the public and very theatrical.



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Behind a multitude of windows, the show presents the isolated lives of four characters, each having his own share of difficulties with everyday life. One of them, having escaped from hospital, weaves the links between the tableaus, navigating between news-cast and reality with his portable radio. With cynic humor, the news stories alternate between current issues and the past of the protagonists: the woman who loves her beauty and luxury products because she cannot love herself as she is; the girl who feels so locked up inside herself that she jumps out of the window to fly away like a bird; the man who, having lost his loved ones, has to grant himself pardon and find a new meaning to his life; and the poet, who is searching to heal his wounds with words of love. Then comes the time when the characters have to help each other in order to break free from their antisocial behavior: a first contact…a window opens.


And so, through a succession of poetic and emotional moments, friendship is born. What follows is a collective liberation, represented by taking down the suspended windows and by reassembling them to form a mobile where each piece is indispensable to the fragile balance of this spinning piece of art. For the final tableau in the “aerial window”, the improbable group of characters, now become friends, help each other evolve and leave for new horizons.



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Why fund it?

Your contribution goes directly to paying our scenography; its design and the production of the different elements.


We have already established our scenographic needs. The plans for the majority have been made, but we are missing the money to pay many of those scenographic elements essential to the success of this authentic looking show.


This is why we need YOUR HELP !!!



Below, you can see the detailed costs of the scenography and of the whole project in two pie-charts:


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If you help us go BEYOND our first goal, we will add the following projects:


Stretch goal 1: 17 000$ - Will enable us to buy a big coton cyclo, with which we can cover the entire stage in white for our final tableau.


Stretch goal 2: 20 000 $ - Will enable us to buy our own wireless microphones. Most theaters do not own them and they are expensive to rent.


Stretch goal 3: 22 000 $ - Will enable us to buy our own multimedia module, with which we can control sound and light from one of our own computers.



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Cirque Les Improbables

Cirque Les Improbables was founded in 2013 by Anouk Vallée-Charest, Josianne Levasseur, Mirko Trierenberg and Jonathan Brochu. They specialize in aerial silk, aerial hoop, Cyr wheel, hand to hand, dance, hand stand, singing, chinese pole, acrobatics, russian swing and clowning.

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Pourquoi faites-vous appel au public maintenant?

Nous sommes tout près du but et nous avons investi beaucoup de temps et d’argent. Ce projet nous tient à coeur et nous avons la certitude que nous tenons quelque chose de précieux. Nous avons eu la chance d’avoir une bourse du CALQ pour nous aider avec la production mais ce n’est pas suffisant pour arrivée au bout de nos idées et avoir un spectacle viable. Vos dons nous permettrons d’entrer en salle avec tout le matériel nécessaire.

+ Depuis quand travaillez-vous sur ce projet?

Nous nous sommes rencontrés pour discuter et élaborer le projet en début d’année 2013. Mais c'est après un an de développement, en janvier 2014, que l’équipe finale et la thématique du spectacle se sont précisées.

+ Pourquoi le nom “Les Improbables”?

Nous avons des spécialités et des atouts physiques très différents et diversifiés. Le fait que 4 individus éclectiques comme nous unissent leur parcours pour créer un spectacle qui leur est propre, est autant improbables que magnifique.
Si vous êtes curieux d’en savoir plus sur nous et sur le parcours de chacun, visitez notre site web :

+ Quelle date présentez-vous votre spectacle?

Le 12 mars 2016 à la Maison de la culture Mercier, à Montréal.

+ Comment puis-je vous faire part des spécifications (taille et sexe) pour mon t-shirt?

Vous pouvez communiquer avec nous en utilisant la messagerie du site KissKiss BankBank. Si nous n'avons pas reçu de communication de votre part nous vous contacterons dès que la campagne aura atteint son objectif ;).

+ Pourquoi les montants des contreparties ne sont-il pas des chiffres ronds?

Parce qu'ils sont "Improbables" :-}. Nous avons aussi privilégié le chiffre 4, car le collectif est constitué de 4 membres.

+ Why when I try to select a 2nd perk, my first selection (the little blue dot) disappears

Because as a contributor, you are allowed only one perk. You can add money to increase the value of your contribution and you can exchange your perk for one with an equal or lower value corresponding to your donation.

+ Why am I getting stuck after my payment?

It happens that with some computers or browsers (mostly Safari), the KKBB interface gets stuck after the payment's step. Normally your informations are being process and you should receive a confirmation e-mail within 24h.

+ Why didn't I received a confirmation right after my payment?

A little confirmation green stripe should appear on your screen after you transaction is done. It happens that with some computers or browsers (mostly Safari), the KKBB interface gets stuck after the payment's step. Normally your information is being process and you should receive a confirmation e-mail within 24h.

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Heureuse de participer à votre projet !
On n'lâche pas! Plus que 400$! Let's go!!
I sam so excited that even though I cannot physically see the show in Canada I will be able to enjoy all the hard work all of the artists have put in! xx