Help finance Clint Slate’s first album


The project

Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, I gave blood, sweat and tears to various projects along the years and finally found some balance with that new incarnation.


Clint Slate is a blank page, a clean slate where everything is possible.


First and foremost, it’s a musician collaborating with talented artists in order to serve a single cause: Creation.



This first album and its twelve songs are the result of the past ten years, inviting people into my universe through an intimate journey.


Influenced by the likes of Radiohead, Queen, Archive and Jeff Buckley, the tracks lead the way through the inner trip that gave me the urge to write these lines.


On my own musically, I had the pleasure and honor to have some friends onboard, like the fabulous Eric McFadden (Eric Burdon, George Clinton).


Here is an exclusive link to discover the first single, 'Over God's Shoulder':



As the plan is to offer more than sounds to the audience, Christophe ‘Kobayashi’ Castejon designed all aspects surrounding the project, including a 16 pages booklet.





Why fund it?

Recordings have been made and mixed so the mastering is the only step left. I’m lucky enough to have Kevin Salem, great musician and engineer from NYC, doing it.


The result will consist of 1000 carton digifile CDs.


The next step is to help the album build a reputation and, in order to do that properly, you need to be on stage and on line at the same time.

Directing videos and creating a unique live experience are very demanding jobs, both in term of time and money (crew, costumes, equipment…).


Four videos have been shot by our team in order to present you the universe we're roaming into, four acoustic versions filmed as scenarised long shots by Christophe Castejon and Tony Cito: The Dark Sessions



The fund-raising will be divided as such :


Mastering and duplication are already worth more than 2000€, the promotion (tracts, posters…) reaches 600€, the liveshow equipments cost around 700€ and then there are various administrative expenses left to cover.


Of course, may we exceed the primary goal, we would be able to offer you more music, more videos and more interactions.


Because you are a part of this project too.


A blank page where one can write the future.


Will you write it with us?



Clint Slate

Curious and passionate, always looking for new experiences and living for the live, Clint Slate creates a universe close to his influences, from Queen to Björk via Radiohead or Jeff Buckley.

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Objectif atteint ! Super !!! Bravo à tous !!! Félicitations à Clint Slate et tous mes encouragements pour la suite de l'aventure ^_~
Un petit ruisseau pour enrichir la grande rivière. Allez, je suis sûre que ça va le faire!!!
Si tu me le permets, j'enverrai ton album pour une bénédiction par un pope grec ;-) Biz