Support Co-oking, the Brussels-based co-working space for food professionnals and gourmets!


The project

Co-oking is a co-working space for all food professionals (patissiers, caterers, food trucks, chefs...).


Co-oking is a shared rental kitchen which food professionals can use in order to minimise their investment and risks and maximise their working time, experience and production.


Why not a restaurant ?

Setting up a professional kitchen represents several thousands euro. A cost that new entrepreneurs cannot invest.



Co-oking is the solution to mutualise the culinary infrastructure and experience for the sake of all inspired cooks in Brussels!


Food trucks, pâtissiers, caterers, inhouse chefs : all new entrepreneurs want to produce and transform quality food, in a local and more human way.


Co-oking will be those entrepreneurs' backyard and will enable them to create a more sustainable and local food model for all.


May you be a foodista, a gourmet, just inspired or totally convinced, support us and you will be indulged with delicious food !






Why fund it?

Supporting Co-oking is supporting a project by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and being more responsible with what happens in our plates. 


In practice, this crowdfunding will help us buy professional equipment such as a mixer (2000 euros), a blender (3000), a vaccum-maker (3000 euros), trolleys (650 euro each), work-places, etc... Those equipment will be instrumental in preparing delicious cakes, salads, hot and cold dishes by our members for you folks !


If we go over the estimated amount (which will be thanks to you folks ;), then we will be able to offer extra material to our members such as baking sheets, trays and other useful ustensiles.


We count on you guys!





Co-oking is represented by 4 founders, all in love with all the delicious things that happen while cooking and eating. Véronique Flammang, coordinator at 1819 is the expert in start-ups and company developments. Cédric Le Goupil, institutional catering chef knows everything about norms, infrastructure and kitchen equipment. Elodie Bouscarat, a... See more

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