Help me to make my master 1 collection!


The project

After getting an associate degree in fashion design at the ENSAV Duperré in Paris, I entered the fashion department of La Cambre in Brussels in 2012.

This year is my first year in master degree.


During the first 3 years at La Cambre, I experimented a lot and built myself a personal style.

My internships at Fyodor Golan in London, Coperni and Courrèges in Paris made me learn about the many aspects of the fashion industry.


I'm working on a collection of 10 silhouettes including womenswear and menswear. This collection will be presented at the fashion show of la Cambre Modes in june.


The main inspiration of the collection is my teenage during the early 2000's.

The basic, oversize and clumsy look of the teenager meets the sassy and over the top fashion of this period and its icons.


My collection also speaks about COUPLES.

Friends, lovers: every couple has something unique that creates its intimacy.

Every silhouette is built as a duo and every duo has its own particularity.


In general, my work is a reflexion about fashion with heterogeneous references and a sens of humour! 



My last collection, presented last june:



crédit photo: Pierre Debusschere for La Cambre Mode[s] Show 15





More pictures of my work:






More informations about my school:






Why fund it?

800€ for fabrics

300€ for the shoes

180€ for the accessories

100€ for the printing of books for the jury

120€ for kisskissbankbank

Gabriel Figueiredo

Born in the Paris region, I did an applied arts foundation in Montereau Fault Yonne and an associate degree in fashion design at the ENSAV Duperré à Paris. In 2012, I entered the fashion department of La Cambre in Brussels.

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