At the heart of CORION’s philosophy is the balance between ultimate refinement and functionality.


The project






"A new era of luxury "


◊ Brand Philosophy: 


CORION is an innovative luxury leather goods house based in Paris.

At the heart of CORION’s philosophy is the balance between ultimate refinement and functionality.

Woven leathers from the most respectable Tuscan tanneries are married with luminous details in perfect harmony.

Deeply studied interiors, luxurious exteriors and meticulous Florentine craftsmanship lend CORION its non-ostentatious vocabulary – it’s quiet sense of luxury.



◊ The devotees:


CORION creations are appreciated by modern sophisticates.

With its structured lines, the brand appeals to a discerning group of men and women sensible to hidden details and materials of ultimate quality.

They belong to the new generation of specific tastes; understand the value of discreet luxury and long for products that decrypt their individuality.

Cultured travelers, CORION aficionados like to play with textures, colors and prints that express their proper elegance while remaining effortlessly timeless. 



I. "Leisure Line" Collection




Audaciously elegant, this bag – classic in appearance is reinterpreted with mélange of textures and colors. A perfect juxtaposition of velvety embossed leather and luminous patent details. An ideal day-to-night bag features an indispensable lipstick case and a cardholder.

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With a classical mélange of dusky embossed leather and vivid trimmings, this clutch with a strap features a double opening – a built in mirror on one side, and a brush holder for all types of cosmetic tools on the other. Wildly elegant and perfectly rational, this unique object, an ideal cosmetic case will also accompany one’s evenings as a clutch with ease.

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Wildly feminine, this round handbag with a woven leather handle and a shoulder strap is crafted in embossed velvety leather and luminous details in vivacious colors. The real surprise resides on the inside: what appears to be a classic bag is in fact a vast interior perfectly designed to accommodate an iPad and Smartphone. Even a delicate interior pocket for lipstick has not been forgotten.

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A resolutely contemporary design, where every moment of the day has been thought through and compartmentalized. With an easy to reach pocket, a laptop compartment and a removable drawstring bag that awaits a pair of shoes or sneakers for a brisk stroll through the city, this bag is an essential for active and urbane individuals.

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Carry-on luggage inspired by old-world travel and its eccentric and demanding wayfarers features a shoe compartment clothed in solid leather, and a soft top compartment embossed in signature braiding; and of course, the essential back pocket to slide a daily paper or a map of the world…

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II. "Black Line" Collection


Reinvention of classicism with pragmatic ideas is the compelling force behind Corion designs.

With strong shapes and subtle undercurrent of glamour, CORION's Black Line is a tribute to the tradition of luxury.

Hand-crafted with the most innovative leathers and extraordinary level of technical accomplishment, this line offers accessories that tell an unfolding story of its followers' lives.

With a clear focus on ‘square’ the collection of 8 styles plays with geometry and contrasts.

Black borders frame precious pythons and shagreen textures, while reflective metals bejewel the forms of the bygone era, forming a collection with an underlined sense of elegant restraint.







All CORION styles are rigorously handcrafted in Florence, Italy assuring an ultimate level of quality.

They are a product of love between carefully selected leathers from the world’s best tanneries and the hands of extraordinary craftsmen with skills that had been passed down through generations.


Every piece in the collection, from linings to specifically designed metal accessories has been sculpted, hand cut and colored by Florentine craftsmen.


Yet aside technical superiority, CORION strives to create products that are functional as they are inventive.

Sophisticated compartments for precious objects, integrated wallets and deeply studied interiors that respond to modern, everyday needs assure functionality that is paralleled with esthetics in all of our creations. 



◊ Construction of interiors.





◊ Assembling of various exterior pieces.





◊ Sneak peak of final product prior to quality control.



Why fund it?

We have always worked with very tight budgets to develop a line of products and image of CORION. With such creations we have seduced some of the most prestigious boutiques and press such as Vanity Fair or Harper's Bazaar that you can check out and actively follow via


We need to continue by developing a collection that will strengthen our line with new styles in perfect harmony with the DNA of CORION.


We have arrived at a point where a humble dream has grown into a veritable brand and the quantities of raw materials and costs of development are simply out of our reach.

The costs of developing Spring-Summer 2015 collection are as follows:


1.     Development of prototypes and patterns in Florence - €6,000

2.     Material costs - €2,550

3.     Photo shoot of products in Paris - €2,500

4.     Costs of Trade Show in Paris - €7,176


Total: €18,176



In addition, there are naturally travel costs to our ateliers in Florence, easily rounding up to a figure of €20,000 in total.


Your support is the key to the continuation of this dream!


You will not only help us produce this very important collection, but enable Corion to present its line at trade shows that will open doors to international markets and growth.


We hope you will enjoy our creations and wear them with the same pleasure we shared in creating them.

Your participation to this project is of incredible help and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Reinvention of classicism with pragmatic ideas is the compelling force behind CORION designs. With strong shapes and subtle undercurrent of glamour, CORION is the essence of genuine luxury. Hand-crafted with the most innovative leathers and extraordinary level of technical accomplishment, this line offers accessories that tell an unfolding story of... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Where is CORION made

All CORION bags and accessories are handcrafted in traditional Italian ateliers in Florence, where expert craftsmen with skills that have been passed down through generations carve each product amorously.

+ How do i maintain my CORION item ?

Storing bags in their proper dust-bag is highly recommended when they are not worn. The bags need to be kept away from any source of heat and humidity.

Patent Leather: Patent bovine leather has been coated with a high gloss finish for an exceptional shine. Dirt adhering to the coating can be removed with a damp cloth, using a mild soap if necessary. Patent leather should never come in contact with another patent object as this may result in stains.

Embossed Calf Leather: The vegetable tanning process for this type of leather maintains its original features and accentuates its natural quality. This leather has a worn-in appearance, which along with its softness will become more pronounced with time. Please use only a very small amount of neutral cream and a soft cloth in circular motion to maintain the leather if necessary.

+ How may I choose the color of the item I desire ?

Please precise your color preference for the products selected. We will do our best to deliver your desired color - first in, best dressed!

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Je suis très heureuse de participer à cette aventure. La maison Corion offre à travers ses créations un véritable luxe, particulièrement moderne, qui correspond parfaitement aux femmes actives et sensibles à l'esthétique. J'espère que nous serons encore nombreux à faire aboutir ce projet.